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Floor tiles

The floor plates are used to easily secure handball goals (indoor) and indoor sports equipment. For installation or retrofitting of the plates, the type of floor and the floor structure must be specified when ordering.

  • Available in two sizes
  • 4 pieces are required for a standard handball goal (BENZ Blackline 6 pieces)
  • Chrome-plated surface
  • Screws must be adapted to the subfloor by the customer
  • Safety screws are not included in the scope of delivery

When ordering, please specify the type and structure of the floor.
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Many gymnastics apparatuses and indoor goals need to be secured when in use to prevent them from tipping over or shifting. The equipment is secured with safety screws (not included in the delivery). The floor plates are required for a secure anchoring option. These can be planned in directly when laying a hall floor or can be installed later.

Floor anchoring regulations
DIN EN 749 stipulates that doors must be secured against shifting and tilting during use and must withstand a horizontal force of 1100 N applied to the crossbar. The responsible body / user is liable in any case if gates are used without appropriate floor fastening and damage occurs.
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