Handball Goal Accessories

Benz transportation trolley 50 cm

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Transport trolley for handball goals,m balance beams and much more The transport device suitable for effortless transport. Smooth-running, large plastic wheels enable effortless and easy transport around the sports facility. Information: 4 x double-tyred, smooth-running plastic swivel castors. Solid steel construction Low centre of gravity for safe transport Depending on the unit, >2 x transport trolleys are required Technical details: Length: 500mm Width: 180mm Height: 81.5mm Width of the middle support surface: 70mm Colour: Red Weight: 2kg

BENZ Handball goal transport trolley

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Make it easier for yourself when setting up and dismantling indoor handball goals. With the BENZ transport trolley for handball goals, you reduce the stress on the corner joints on the goals. In this way, you prevent wear and tear and extend the service life of your BENZ handball goals. Details: For 2 handball goals 3 x 2 m Easy transport thanks to double swivel castors Goals are hooked into the side of the supporting structure. Total height 214 cm Delivery without handball goals

Transport trolley for a pair of indoor handball goals

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Practical transport trolley for a pair of indoor handball goals. Especially suitable for low equipment storage gates. Very high quality and robust, therefore extremely durable. Especially floor-protecting twin swivel castors for easy manoeuvring. Details: Length: 3332 mm Width: 1923 mm Hight: 1710 mm Weight: 40 kg

Floor tiles

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The floor plates are used to easily secure handball goals (indoor) and indoor sports equipment. For installation or retrofitting of the plates, the type of floor and the floor structure must be specified when ordering.Details: Available in two sizes 4 pieces are required for a standard handball goal (BENZ Blackline 6 pieces) Chrome-plated surface Screws must be adapted to the subfloor by the customer Safety screws are not included in the scope of deliveryWhen ordering, please specify the type and structure of the floor.

Base frame galvanized

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Free-standing Handball gates. Dimensions of the frame 3 m wide and 2 m deep. Optimal use of free positioning during training. 3-piece hot-dip galvanized steel frame, for easy mounting of gates, with attached at the gates of fixing lugs. In the case of other manufacturers must laterally drilled. The rear Bottom Weight is intended for sand filling and equipped with carrying handles for easy transport.

BENZ Mini crossbar (patented)

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m for installation on Handball Goals 3 x2. For school sport goals should be reduced to 3 m x 1.60. Additional bar is mounted by means of fitting parts between goalposts. Emerging gap is (supplied) by small network closed. The simple design faster and more convenient assembly and disassembly.

Rubber Cap (set)

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2 rubber tension cords, strong embodiment, on both sides with hooks, 6.5 m long. Through this tension lines the network receives more stretching and a longer shelf life.

Tensioning rope fittings

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Polyethylene, 6 mm thick. For Handball gates, where the networks are freely suspended within the bracket. Set consisting of 4 cables - both upper tension lines with quick-locking. Not illustrated.

Tchoukball frame rebounder

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Tchoukball is a ball sport played by two teams survive in each 5/7 players. The aim of the game is to throw a handball-like ball as a frame called baffle that the opposing team can not catch the rebound, and so to score points.

Tchoukball frame rebounder

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2-fold in the angle-adjustable, powder coated blue, rugged power with high rebound force. Frame 120 x 120 cm blue powder-coated, stable steel frame, non-staining with 4 rubber buffers. Extremely robust network with high rebound force inside dimensions 90 x 90 cm.

ground socket

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Beach volleyball / handball ground socket made of aluminum 80 x 80 mm, for setting in concrete for square tube posts. Length 65 cm. TÜV tested by TÜV AUSTRIA.

Ground sockets for beach handball goal with sand anchor plates

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The two BENZ ground sockets with welded sheet steel sand anchor plates are a simple alternative to setting ground sockets in concrete and are suitable for securely fixing beach handball goals. For installation, the sand is dug out to the size of the frame construction. Then the goal is placed in the sleeves of the lying frame. Now the goal can be aligned and the frames filled with sand. The painted frames with sleeves and sand anchor plates offer mobile, flexible use of beach handball goals. TÜV tested by TÜV AUSTRIA.

Beach Handball Courtlines Hobby

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Beachhandball pitch boundary 27 x 12 m, with adjustable standard plastic corner elements according to DBGM. The lines are made of 50 mm wide Polyestergurtbändern. Complete with bungee tendons and sand anchor plates. The color of the ribbons is dark blue.

Beach Handball Courtlines professional

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27 x 12 m, professional version includes: 2 bands side lines A 27 m, 2 bands goallines á 12m, 2 bands crease lines mm á 12m reinforced PP webbing 50, 8 glass fiber reinforced plastic corner elements DBGM, 8 sand anchor plates with bungee tensioning line. Red color.

Chain weights

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Handball goal nets with bilateral tether. Chain, 800 g / m, is located in a plastic tube, which is woven by the lower meshes of the net.

Goal shot practice wall

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The goal shot training wall made of blue polyethylene knitted fabric is ideal for clubs and hobby players. Through the two existing openings, with a Ø of approx. 50 cm, an attractive and goal-oriented shot training is possible. The net can be fixed quickly and easily with the help of the supplied lines (2 x 10 m).

BENZ soft floor goal mat

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The optimal and inexpensive combination of soft floor mat and gate. A simple low-cost solution for the fast in between game without any additional installation effort. Design as the standard soft floor mat with a very durable, stitched, red / white contrasting Torlattendesign. Dimensions 200 x 300 x 30 cm.

SPOT rebound wall

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The spot-rebound wall with the dimensions 2.13 x 2.13 m can be used as training equipment for various ball games, such as Football, handball or tennis can be used. If the ball is thrown on the net or shot, it bounces back to different degrees depending on the speed and angle. It can thus train Ball assumptions passing game, volley and many other techniques optimal. A plug-in mechanism makes the structure easily and within 2 minutes is the spot rebound wall ready for use on the field. The durable rods are connected to each other with elastic bands and are easy to press together. With ground anchors the training device is firmly anchored in the ground, so that even strong shots are possible. Disassembled for easy transport and easy to store by the compact dimensions, the wall with the included carrying case. Packet size 119 x 24 x 13.5 cm Weight: 8.8 kg

Power chuck

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Base frame for Kleinfeld gates. The frame is folded up when mowing the lawn including the net, protecting networks from damage.

Podium for perforated plug

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Universal training aid with 10-fold pad possibility of turn bars, for suspension in cones with holes. For running, jumping and coordination exercises. The set includes two podium.

Soft training hurdles set

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Low density polyethylene, Ø 45 mm, yellow. are hurdles 70 cm long and have five different heights: 10-20-30-40-50 cm. Ideal training system, no risk of injury.

STRAB premium goal wall Profi Junior - for handball

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The STRAB Premium Professional Goal Wall is specifically designed for handball and features 4 rings with a diameter of 70 cm. This goal wall allows you and your school to improve accuracy in a simple way. The assembly and disassembly are effortless, and with STRAB, you can adjust the goal wall to your needs in just a few minutes and dismantle it just as quickly. The compact and space-saving packaging allows for easy transportation, so you can take the goal wall with you anywhere. The rings provide a variety of exercise options to make your training sessions more engaging. The STRAB Premium Professional Goal Wall is of premium quality and developed in Germany. It will serve as a reliable companion in school sports even under intense usage. Your Benefits: Easy transport with compact packaging Instant fun with quick assembly Safety ensured by intelligent functionality Quality Made in Germany