Gymnastics Mushrooms

BENZ Turn cuboid

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The BENZ Turnquader is the ideal auxiliary and training equipment for school and club sports and children's gymnastics. Details: With polyether foam RG 20 Stabilising support surface with 80 mm special foam. Complementary foam side edge reinforcement panels. Blue PVC cover with air vents and ventilation holes Zipper for easy opening of the quad Practical handle loops on the underside

Gymnastics mushroom 5-piece

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The 5-piece gymnastics mushroom consists of 3 base parts, 1 mushroom head with leather cover and 1 pommel board. Depending on your needs, the gymnastics mushroom can be flexibly adjusted in height. Thus, the 5-piece gymnastics mushroom is ideal for the entry into gymnastics. Details: 5-piece from 3 lower parts, 1 mushroom head, 1 pommel board Ø mushroom head: 50 cm Height: 75 cm Flexible to use

Circle flanker

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The circle flanker is used for methodical learning of gymnastics on the pommel horse and facilitates the transition from the gymnastics mushroom to the pommel horse. With horizontal alignment, all standard exercises can be performed, the inclined alignment facilitates the training of flanks. The width of 45 cm relieves the shoulders and makes it easier to grip on the circle flank. The stable frame and the legs with rubber feet ensure a safe stand.Specifications: Dimensions (w x l x h): 45 x 140 x 50-65 cm Height adjustment in 5 cm steps Legs with rubber feet Leather topDelivery without pommels Weight 35 kg