BENZ Turn Cuboid
BENZ Turn Cuboid

BENZ Turn cuboid

The BENZ Turnquader is the ideal auxiliary and training equipment for school and club sports and children's gymnastics.

  • With polyether foam RG 20
  • Stabilising support surface with 80 mm special foam.
  • Complementary foam side edge reinforcement panels.
  • Blue PVC cover with air vents and ventilation holes
  • Zipper for easy opening of the quad
  • Practical handle loops on the underside
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The BENZ Turnquader is a universal exercise and training device for school, club and children's gymnastics. The Turnquader is available in many sizes and variants with a blue PVC cover with ventilation openings. It can be used alone or in combination with gymnastics equipment, e.g. as a trainer's platform, as a climbing aid or for gymnastics and fitness exercises. For a stable stand, the sides are additionally reinforced with foam edge reinforcement plates. For easy transport, the underside is equipped with continuous carrying straps with handle loops. The cover has a zipper, so it can be replaced after long use.
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