FIG-Low Jump Mats

FIG Landing Mat 100x100x20

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The BENZ FIG certified low jump mat with 6-layer core and anti-slip coating is suitable for use in school, club and high-performance sports. Ensure optimal safety during sports with the BENZ FIG low jump mat. The mats are equipped with mesh ventilation to prevent tears. The Velcro fasteners all around facilitate the connection of several mats and the slipping apart of the mats during gymnastics.

Landing Mat FIG

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Landing mat with novel 4-sandwich core. Optimal shock absorption with optimum depth to ensure maximum protection of the athlete's joints at the landing. All layers and layers of the sandwich core are fully adhered laminated together, including the landing area. Outside around encircling wedge edge stabilization.

BENZ FIG landing mats

Landings after gymnastics movements, which may include flight phases with rotations around the body axis, are subject to forces that require careful selection of the mats. The use of the mats should be based on the purpose and weight of the athletes. The frequent but unreflected use of soft floor mats for controlled foot landings involves great dangers. The conception of a soft floor mat is designed for large-area twill landing. Due to its design, it cannot reduce force peaks in short time units. Due to the deep and narrow landing hollow, there is a permanent risk of foot fixations, stepping through the mat and resulting injuries. With all foot landings, force peaks are achieved that exceed your own body weight many times over. These peak values ​​occur in the first 20-30 milliseconds of the landing process. This period of time is too short for the human body to be able to actively react to it. It is precisely in this period of time, however, that the jumping mat provides an optimal reduction in force peaks. Many trials and series of tests led to the conception of the BENZ® jumping mats. Optimal force reduction with optimized penetration depth ensure maximum protection of the athlete's joints during landing. Thanks to the new type of reinforcement in the edge area, when mats are laid next to one another in the joint area, an almost uniform characteristic curve of force reduction and penetration depth is achieved, as is the case on the entire mat surface. This innovation will certainly prevent many sports accidents. All layers and plies of the sandwich core are fully laminated with one another, including the landing area. As a result, the durability of the mats is considerably greater and the athlete achieves better stability and freedom of rotation of the joints when landing. The underside of the mat is made of profiled, non-slip PVC fabric. The mats were certified by the International Gymnastics Federation FIG.

Advantages of the BENZ landing mat system

The area-elastic properties of the landing mat ensure that pupils and teachers can stand and support themselves. Precisely fitting and problem-free placing of the jumping mats next to each other to form floor exercise tracks. The reactive properties of the jumping mat support the jumping behavior of the students. The BENZ sandwich construction ensures optimal protection of the joints, also in the joint area! The International Gymnastics Federation requires sets of mats for women’s and men’s gymnastics to be 20 cm thick, with the exception of pommel horses, where a mat thickness of 10 cm is required.