Tumbling Train AirTrack P2
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Tumbling train AirTrack P2, blue / gray. The perfect beginners track for young people and new talents to practice new jumps and techniques in athletics and chearleading.
Tumbling Train AirTrack P3
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Tumbling train AirTrack P3. The classic and inflatable track for all exercises in gymnastics and to practice new jumps and techniques. Upper / lower surface blue, gray side
AirFloor 3 X 2 M
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AirFloor 3 x 2 m, 3x2x0.1 m 19.8 kg, With a height of 10 cm, the AirFloor is our flattest track. Being concerned means at Simultaneous port function, the AirFloor is ideal for gymnastics, cheerleading, for all martial arts, for fitness training