Balance Beam

Benz FIG competition balance beam Trophy

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The FIG-certified BENZ Trophy competition balance beam is the ultimate professional training device for the highest demands in gymnastics competitions. The special feature of the BENZ Trophy is that the height of the base can be adjusted effortlessly and without great effort. Details: FIG certified Fleece-coated aluminium bar Height adjustable by means of gas struts Height adjustment at 5 cm intervals from 85 cm to 125 cm Easy operation by one person Gapless landing surface without special mats thanks to narrow foot stabilisers Distance between the foot stabilisers remains the same with every height adjustment Foam end pads on both sides Length: 5.00 m Width: 1.195 m Height: 85 cm - 125 cm

Competition balance beam

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Competition balance beam, soft touch, silver, height adjustable from 75-125 cm in 5 cm increments, length 500 cm, width beam running surface 10 cm, width beam feet 112 cm, 85 kg, beam profile made of torsion-free and thick-walled aluminum, balance beam feet with durable powder coating, Soft rubber end caps on the beam base, FIG certified competition model

Vario-Balance Beam Club

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Original Reuther. Aluminum bar 500 x 10 cm, frame width: cm 122nd Pipe diameter: Ø 8 cm. Softer tread with durable synthetic leather. 2-leg base of 50-130 cm adjustable by the servo-lift gas spring height adjustment is easy. 50-90 cm in steps of 10 cm and from 90 to 130 cm in steps of 5 cm. The feet remain independent of the height adjustment always in the same position.

Methodology bar

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Methodology beams, blue / white, (L x B x H) 200 x 10 x 8 cm, beam width above 10 cm, bar width below 24.2 cm, 5 kg, more particularly multi-layer structure, the bottom is an anti-slip floor, suitable for all surfaces in the school -, club and professional sports

Balance Beam respect

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Set for self-assembly. For subsequent obtain (nonwoven fabric coating) of an existing 5 m timber balance beam, for self-assembly with manual. only the material is delivered. The set consists of nonwoven, contact adhesives, abrasives and stapling nails.

Safety Requirement mat

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Safety Requirement mat balance beam. Leatherette with original fabric relation to the running surface. Entire mat is padded for better shock absorption with a special foam, thus ensuring the protection of the joints and reduce the risk of injury. The inner sides are equipped with an anti-slip coating.

Method bar bench 15cm

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Method bar, blue / white, bar width at the top 15 cm, bar width at the bottom 24.2 cm, special multi-layer structure, there is an anti-slip floor at the bottom, suitable for all surfaces in school, club and professional sports

Roll-up exercise beam

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With the roll-up exercise beam from SPIETH, you can quickly and easily train gymnastics techniques on the balance beam anywhere. Product features: Dimensions (W x L x H): 10 x 500 x 2.5 cm Soft, elastic foam base Length of a competition balance beam Quick and space-saving storage

Balance Beam respect wooden beams

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Service at the factory Subsequent obtaining an existing 5 m balance beam by our experts, according to freight-free transmission of the balance beam to the factory. Price for non-woven fabric covering including materials and labor.

Training beam foam

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The Spieth Gymnastics exercise bar is made of hard foam with a white mark in the middle. The underside is provided with a Velcro strip which permits fixation to landing mats. Length: 250 cm / width of the effective area: 15 cm / width of the platform: 25 cm / height: 8 cm

Flick Flack coach

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The Flick Flack coach is distinguished by an improved shape and softer padding. The reinforced foam module is the perfect relief to learn the rollover movements. Equipped with practical handles. Available in three sizes.

BENZ Transportation trolley Trophy balance beam 80 cm

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Transport trolley for balance beam BENZ Trophy The ideal transport device for the balance beam. Smooth-running, large plastic wheels allow the balance beam to be transported effortlessly and easily in the sports facility Information: 4 x double-tire, smooth-running plastic swivel castors massive steel construction Low center of gravity for safe transport 2 x transport trolleys are required for each balance beam Technical details: length: 800mm Width: 246mm Height: 81.5mm Width of the middle support surface: 70mm color: red Weight: 2kg

Stabilizer for handspring trainer

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The stabilizer prevents rolling of the coach Flick Flack. The Flick Flack coach can thus be converted into a Sprungerät. The stabilizer has a non-slip bottom, and can be fixed by means of Velcro on Flick Flack trainer.

Benz transportation trolley 50 cm

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Transport trolley for handball goals,m balance beams and much more The transport device suitable for effortless transport. Smooth-running, large plastic wheels enable effortless and easy transport around the sports facility. Information: 4 x double-tyred, smooth-running plastic swivel castors. Solid steel construction Low centre of gravity for safe transport Depending on the unit, >2 x transport trolleys are required Technical details: Length: 500mm Width: 180mm Height: 81.5mm Width of the middle support surface: 70mm Colour: Red Weight: 2kg

Balance Beam respect for Alubalken

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Service at the factory: Subsequent obtaining an existing 5 m balance beam by our experts, according to freight-free transmission of the balance beam to the factory. Price for non-woven fabric covering including materials and labor.

BENZ Turn cuboid

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The BENZ Turnquader is the ideal auxiliary and training equipment for school and club sports and children's gymnastics. Details: With polyether foam RG 20 Stabilising support surface with 80 mm special foam. Complementary foam side edge reinforcement panels. Blue PVC cover with air vents and ventilation holes Zipper for easy opening of the quad Practical handle loops on the underside