Tumbling Track

Tumbling Train AirTrack P2
Piece from 2.499,00 €
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Tumbling train AirTrack P2, blue / gray. The perfect beginners track for young people and new talents to practice new jumps and techniques in athletics and chearleading.
Tumbling Stuttgart
Piece from 518,40 €
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Several spring elements with different characteristics guarantee a uniform elasticity at each point of the surface. Single Element 122 x 200 cm. Pressure distribution plate made of flexural elastic multilayer special plywood, including Velcro fasteners to the lower spring plate.
Tumbling Train SPIETHway II
(tax incl.)
Single Element 121 x 200 cm. New development of competition tumbling track. Solid steel frame with fiberglass poles and plastic adapters for better pressure distribution. The resting rolling mat Triflex is made of a skin-friendly and durable velor with additional built-in mesh fabric for better protection and longer shelf life of the mat pad.
Tumbling Train AirTrack P3
Piece from 2.749,00 €
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Tumbling train AirTrack P3. The classic and inflatable track for all exercises in gymnastics and to practice new jumps and techniques. Upper / lower surface blue, gray side
Hand Blower Hitachi Blower
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Hitachi hand fan blower, length 44.7 cm, 2.2 kg capacity air pressure 0 - 90 mbar, air flow rate from 0 to 3.8 m³ / min, power input 550 W, for pumping up and down from Air products.