Tumbling Track

Tumbling Train AirTrack P2
Piece from 2.499,00 €
(tax incl.)
Tumbling train AirTrack P2, blue / gray. The perfect beginners track for young people and new talents to practice new jumps and techniques in athletics and chearleading.
Tumbling Track Moscow
Piece from 9.745,90 €
(tax incl.)
The tumbling track Moscow is designed for competition and perfect for ambitious clubs and gymnasts.Details: Available in different lengths: 12 / 14.4 / 16.8 m Number of individual elements: 10 / 12 / 14 depending on length Dimensions of individual elements: 200 x 120 cm Total height: approx. 20 cm Bending-elastic, multi-layer special plywood construction with new steel spring system Foam element in puzzle form 100 x 100 x 5 cm (depending on length 24 or 30 pieces) Floor runner (20 cm thick) made of special foam Supplied assembled
Tumbling Stuttgart
Piece from 448,40 €
(tax incl.)
Several spring elements with different characteristics guarantee a uniform elasticity at each point of the surface. Single Element 122 x 200 cm. Pressure distribution plate made of flexural elastic multilayer special plywood, including Velcro fasteners to the lower spring plate.
Tumbling Train AirTrack P3
Piece from 2.749,00 €
(tax incl.)
Tumbling train AirTrack P3. The classic and inflatable track for all exercises in gymnastics and to practice new jumps and techniques. Upper / lower surface blue, gray side
Hand Blower Hitachi Blower
(tax incl.)
Hitachi hand fan blower, length 44.7 cm, 2.2 kg capacity air pressure 0 - 90 mbar, air flow rate from 0 to 3.8 m³ / min, power input 550 W, for pumping up and down from Air products.
Oscillating Floor Moscow
Piece from 53.651,90 €
(tax incl.)
The Moscow sprung floor from Spieth makes gymnastics even more comfortable. Thanks to the safety spring system, the floor construction ensures excellent dynamics. The high-quality special foam overlay provides the gymnast with improved rebound. Substructure: Waterproof plywood boards (15 mm thick). 2270 springs made of hardened high quality steel. 50 panels 120 x 240 cm 20 panels 100 x 240 cm 4 panels 100 x 100 cm Support surface: 7 special foam roll mats with high-quality needle fleece (each 14 x 2 m, 20 mm high). 196 foam elements in puzzle form (50 mm high). Roll mats are connected by 6 Duo Velcro tapes Dimensions: Floor 14 x 14 m, height 20 cm Competition area: 12 x 12 m PVC apron included FIG certified Designs: Pre-assembled: The sprung floor can be installed within a very short time. Partially assembled: Before laying, the customer still has to carry out assembly work. Price without assembly costs. Please note: Due to the loading volume, delivery can only be made "free loading edge truck". A forklift truck or 4-6 unloading assistants must be provided on site for unloading.
Tumbling Track Spiethway III
(tax incl.)
The Spiethway III tumbling track is an FIG certified competition tumbling track consisting of 12 individual elements.Details: Total length: 14.52 m Dimensions of individual elements: 121 x 200 cm Total height: approx. 30 cm Floor exercise mat with needle fleece velour "TRIFLEX 12 single elements with plastic floor protectorsIf you need a tumbling track with a different total length, please contact us. Delivery is carriage forward ex works!