Security Salto Belt For Waist Circumference 50-90 Cm - New Design.
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Security Salto belt for waist circumference 50-90 cm - new version. Ideal for learning and practicing somersaults and acrobatics parts from other sports. Made of nylon material with padding on the inside. The new integrated quick release strap is quick and easy to apply and remove again. 2 tethers each 90 cm long, which are attached to 2 PSA swivel snap hook, allowing easy rotary motion. Max. To 120 kg body weight allowed.
Reck Longe
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Stretching lunge 'Kaiser system with ball bearing holders 2, adjustable Perlonfangseile with snap hook.
Hand Protection Rings
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2 hole with a roller, soft leather, continuously variable power band and high-quality Velcro. Please note the size calculation on the catalog page (PDF) Fig. similar
Magnesia Block
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BENZ Magnesia in the practical block form The Original - The Magnesia or also called Chalk for use in a variety of sports. The natural product magnesia / chalk was pressed in block form to reduce dust generation. Particularly good mobility and a secure grip with excellent absorption of moisture by the hands. Details: Shape: block shape / brick shape Size of the individual blocks: 90 x 90 x 45 mm Weight of a single block: 65g color: white material: magnesium carbonate Areas of application: Suitable for competitions, schools and clubs Use in apparatus gymnastics, weight training, climbing and athletics
Retaining Strap For Floor Gymnastics Mat
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With this storage aid you store your floor gymnastics mats easily and professionally. With a total length of 3 m, the universal holding strap can also be used for floor gymnastics mats with a length of 14 m. By means of fleece and Velcro tape, the ends of the belt can be connected. Product details: Material: Polypropylene Width: 50 mm Length: 3 m Fastening: Hook strap (15 cm long), loop strap (120 cm). Scope of delivery: tether without mat and trolley.
BENZ Turn Cuboid
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The BENZ Turnquader is the ideal auxiliary and training equipment for school and club sports and children's gymnastics. Details: With polyether foam RG 20 Stabilising support surface with 80 mm special foam. Complementary foam side edge reinforcement panels. Blue PVC cover with air vents and ventilation holes Zipper for easy opening of the quad Practical handle loops on the underside
BENZ Pull-up Bar
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The BENZ pull-up bar is the ideal accessory to expand the exercise variety on the wall bars. By quickly and easily hooking in you get a stable pull-up station. Details: Support bar made of tubular steel with beechwood rung. Foldable for space-saving storage Easy to hang at any height Hanging hooks fitted with protectors Available in two widths