Bungee / jump swing up to 60 kg

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Multifunction device for children and adolescents up to 60 kg, for hanging in a multi-swing. Mediates gravity influences from all directions as well as experience in motion with pressure and resistance.


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Harness with comfortable padded leg loops. The strap has, at which the snap-hook is fastened with the latex hoses left and right in each case 2 stable suspension loops. Highest security offer adjustable loops that guarantee a perfect fit and prevent the Metallgurtschlösser that are additionally protected with Velcro to accidental opening.

BENZ climbing rope standard school

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The BENZ climbing rope Standard has all the properties required for daily use that a gym climbing rope needs. It has a particularly high level of basic stability and tear resistance. Includes hanging loop at the top in the form of a stable hanging point for mounting on climbing rails/climbing rope systems, multi-swings or much more. At the bottom end, the ropes are equipped with a very sturdy shrink tube end cap to prevent the ropes from unraveling. Specifications: Diameter: Ø 32 mm Rope lengths from 3.0 m - 6.4 m available Material: Natural hemp Including red marking of the maximum climbing height (from 5 m length) Particularly robust and durable Area of application: Climbing rope systems Multi swing School sports Clubs

climbing chimney

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The Climbing chimney carousel is a climbing element with rotary and wobbling and extremely popular with children. Ø 70 cm, suspension height 200 cm, Hercules ropes, rope rings 2 about 65 mm thick and sprouts from acacia wood. Without standard suspension bearings. Minimum distance away from the furthest point of equipment to the next fixed construction part 1.00.

Power swing, Ø 1 cm,

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Nest swing, Ø 100 cm, suspension height 2.00 m, 1.30 m drop height two-point suspension, octagonal, colored rope ring cushioned mat, the seat surface of steel rope gates mat. Suspension ropes Hercules. Load capacity kg to about 265th , According to DIN EN 1176. Delivery without suspension bearings / universal joints (separately please order if required).

Knotted rope

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The knot rope in lengths of 2 and 4.30 m is a varied accessory for the BENZ multi-swing. Product details: PP rope, ø 20 mm A knot every 50 cm Upper end with suspension ring Accessories for the BENZ multi-swing

Wide trapeze bar with eyelets

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The BENZ wide trapeze bar with eyelets offers swinging fun for children and adults. With a length of 260 cm, it allows for swinging and gymnastics together. Made of robust steel and red powder-coated, it guarantees longevity and resistance. Installation is extremely easy thanks to the welded eyelets and the use of carabiner hooks (not included). Developed for use in combination with the BENZ multi-swing system, it adapts versatilely to play and gymnastics environments. Details: Material: steel Surface: High-quality powder coating Length: 55 cm Colour: Red powder-coated 2 x welded eyelets for universal hanging Easy installation with carabiner hooks on all BENZ multi-swing systems Area of application: School sports Clubs Leisure The pole is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. The special coating protects it against the effects of the weather. It is designed to accommodate several people at the same time. Maximum resilience and safety are guaranteed by high-quality materials and workmanship. A must-have for schools, kindergartens and private gardens to promote exercise, play and fun. When ordering, please note that you need carabiner hooks to use the BENZ trapeze bar. Carabiner not included.

climbing net

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Climbing net, Polyethylene, orange, cm mesh 25th Round smooth network edge. The mesh is threaded onto the respective Einhängestange

BENZ - short trapeze bar with eyelets

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The narrow BENZ trapeze bar made of steel with a length of 55 cm and eyelets for hanging in multi-swing systems, for example, is an indispensable element for versatile, exciting and adventurous gymnastics exercises. The red powder-coated surface gives it an attractive look and offers additional protection against corrosion. The easy assembly and robust construction make this trapeze bar a long-lasting companion in schools, gyms and home gardens. Specifications: Material: steel Surface: High-quality powder coating Length: 55 cm Color: Red 2 x welded eyelets for universal hanging Area of application: School sports Clubs Leisure


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Rope ladder to ÖNorm. Polyethylene rope Ø 16 mm. Length: 5.00 m, width 32 cm, gimbal, 13 hardwood rungs. Resilient kg to 180th

vibrating mat

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Lightweight foam mat with straps and steel rings. Allows lying, standing and sitting swings alone or in pairs. Size 33 x 100 cm. Mounting as fig. For multi-swing. Registered design pending.

trapeze bar

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Trapezoidal steel rod, 75 cm long, red powder coated, for hanging in turn rings.

BENZ swing board

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Versatile BENZ swing board made of lacquered plywood. Dimension 80 x 80 cm, with 4 suspension eyes and 4 screw links. Additional 2 pairs of swing ropes are needed. Loadable up to 120 kg.

swing cloth

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Tear-resistant PE cloth, dimensions 300 x 300 cm, natural color, sewn circumferential cord, 4 pieces hanging loops.

Power swing, Ø 1 cm, suspension height 2.5 m

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Nest swing, Ø 100 cm, suspension height 2.50 m, 1.55 m drop height two-point suspension, octagonal, colored rope ring cushioned mat, the seat surface of steel rope gates mat. Suspension ropes Hercules. Resilient. kg to about 265th , 1176. according to DIN EN delivery ohneb suspension bearings / Universal Joints (If necessary, please order separately).


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Polyethylene rope Ø 10 mm, width 32 cm, 6 wood sprouts and suspension ring. Ideal for school sports and exercise equipment.

Wide trapeze bar with hook

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With the extra wide BENZ trapeze bar, several people or children can swing on our BENZ multi-swing. Simply hook the bar into existing gymnastics rings and let's go. Details: Designed for several people Powder-coated in red Made of sturdy steel with welded hooks for hanging in gymnastic rings 260 cm long BENZ multi-swing equipment Further accessories such as a climbing net can be attached When ordering, please note that you need gymnastic rings for swings to use the BENZ trapeze bar. Gymnastic rings are not included in the scope of delivery.

Multi-child swing

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For all ages, to swing, play or in therapy. For 3-4 children or 2 adults (sitting) and 2 children. Endurance 15 kg. The swing has a supple textile covering (in the machine washable at 3 - 4 degrees) which is tensioned by an ergonomic, lightweight and dimensionally stable aluminum frame. Surrounded by a soft and durable impact protection, the swing protects against injuries, even with closely spaced ratios. Can be used both indoors and outdoors. Includes 4 Polyester ropes a 2,8 m and 2 rings. Delivered pre-assembled. ,


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Galvanized, thickness 8 mm, mm opening 10th Snap opening secured by means of rotating screw. For secure attachment of swing articles.

Padding for height adjustment device

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The keypads are completely covered by a protective cushion. Due to the trapezoidal shape of the cover a accrued on the upholstery athletes on the one hand protected against injury, and on the other hand slidably deflected. To operate the ropes etc., a foam damper is opened. The valves are kept closed by Velcro.

seat disk

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The SwingTop seat plate offers an innovative and playful addition to traditional climbing ropes and swings. Made from durable plastic, this seat plate with a diameter of 22 cm promises durability and stability for users up to 90 kg. Specifications: Material: solid, welded plastic Colour: attractive blue Diameter: 22 cm Height: 7 cm Weight: 0.6kg Area of application: School sports Clubs Leisure

Grapes swing

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The grape swing brings a lot of fun to swinging and swinging. By holding on to the swing, the back and abdominal muscles are trained in a playful way without noticing it and brings a varied possibility into the sports lessons or children's gymnastics.. Details: Upper material made of PU (100% polyamide). Filling made of polystyrene beans Rope length incl. eyelet approx. 155 cm Total length approx. 215 cm Swing Ø approx. 40 cm Plastic coated splice eye for suspension Loadable up to 90 kg