Wide Trapeze Bar With Eyelets
Wide Trapeze Bar With Eyelets
Wide Trapeze Bar With Eyelets Wide Trapeze Bar With Eyelets Wide Trapeze Bar With Eyelets Wide Trapeze Bar With Eyelets Wide Trapeze Bar With Eyelets Wide Trapeze Bar With Eyelets

Wide trapeze bar with eyelets

The BENZ wide trapeze bar with eyelets offers swinging fun for children and adults. With a length of 260 cm, it allows for swinging and gymnastics together. Made of robust steel and red powder-coated, it guarantees longevity and resistance. Installation is extremely easy thanks to the welded eyelets and the use of carabiner hooks (not included). Developed for use in combination with the BENZ multi-swing system, it adapts versatilely to play and gymnastics environments.

  • Material: steel
  • Surface: High-quality powder coating
  • Length: 55 cm
  • Colour: Red powder-coated
  • 2 x welded eyelets for universal hanging
  • Easy installation with carabiner hooks on all BENZ multi-swing systems

Area of application:

  • School sports
  • Clubs
  • Leisure
The pole is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. The special coating protects it against the effects of the weather. It is designed to accommodate several people at the same time. Maximum resilience and safety are guaranteed by high-quality materials and workmanship. A must-have for schools, kindergartens and private gardens to promote exercise, play and fun. When ordering, please note that you need carabiner hooks to use the BENZ trapeze bar. Carabiner not included.
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Swing high with the BENZ wide trapeze bar – the right accessory for incomparable swinging fun. This bar is specially designed to allow several people or children to use and exercise at the same time. Thanks to its robust steel construction, which has a high-quality red powder coating, it stands for safety and durability as well as an attractive design. With a length of 260 cm designed for school and club sports and welded eyelets for easy assembly, it expands the possibilities of every BENZ multi-swing system by a dimension of communal enjoyment.

  • Length: 260 cm, ideal for group gymnastics
  • Weight: 14 kg, robust and handy
  • Material: Steel, red powder-coated for durability and visual appeal
  • Eyelets: Welded eyelets make installation with snap hooks easier
  • Usage: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use thanks to the best powder coating
  • Capacity: Designed for multiple users/athletes at the same time
  • Versatility: Compatible with BENZ multi-swing systems
  • Safety: Equipped with sturdy end caps
  • Accessories: Carabiner hook required for assembly (not included) The BENZ wide trapeze bar with eyelets is an innovation for swinging fun in the gym, on the playground or in your own garden. With a length of 260 cm, it offers enough space so that several children or even adults can experience the joy of swinging at the same time. The red powder coating not only effectively protects against corrosion and ensures a long service life, but also gives the pole an attractive look that appeals to children and parents alike.

    Promoting social skills
    The opportunity to swing together with others easily promotes social interaction and teamwork.

    Easy installation
    The integrated eyelets and the option of attaching the pole with standard snap hooks make assembly child's play.

    Robust construction
    The solid steel material guarantees high tear resistance and stability, even during intensive use.

    Whether in public facilities or private gardens, this trapeze bar can be seamlessly integrated into any environment.

    Safety-oriented design
    The end caps and high-quality workmanship minimize the risk of injury and ensure a safe swing experience.

    The BENZ wide trapeze bar with eyelets stands for quality, safety and unadulterated swinging fun. It not only offers a platform for physical activity, but also for creative play and the development of motor skills and a sense of balance. Make the BENZ trapeze bar the centerpiece of your multi-swing system and experience how it becomes the favorite of everyone who loves the tingling sensation in their stomach when swinging.

    Please note that carabiner hooks are required for assembly, but these are not included. Safety mats in the swing area also contribute to safety.
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