Grapes Swing
Grapes Swing
Grapes Swing Grapes Swing Grapes Swing

Grapes swing

The grape swing brings a lot of fun to swinging and swinging. By holding on to the swing, the back and abdominal muscles are trained in a playful way without noticing it and brings a varied possibility into the sports lessons or children's gymnastics.

. Details:
  • Upper material made of PU (100% polyamide).
  • Filling made of polystyrene beans
  • Rope length incl. eyelet approx. 155 cm
  • Total length approx. 215 cm
  • Swing Ø approx. 40 cm
  • Plastic coated splice eye for suspension
  • Loadable up to 90 kg
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Swinging is fun and varied gymnastics fun in school and club sports as well as in kindergartens and children's gymnastics. With the colourful and flexible grape swing, you introduce a versatile swing variation to swinging. Swinging back and forth with the grape swing trains balance, back and abdominal muscles and spatial awareness. The conical shape of the swing bag means that children have to hold on with their legs and hands. The shape of the bag adapts to the body thanks to the filling of styrofoam beans.
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