Knotted Rope
Knotted Rope

Knotted rope

The knot rope in lengths of 2 and 4.30 m is a varied accessory for the BENZ multi-swing.

Product details:
  • PP rope, ø 20 mm
  • A knot every 50 cm
  • Upper end with suspension ring
  • Accessories for the BENZ multi-swing
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With the knot rope in lengths of 2 and 4.30 m made of polypropylene, you can expand the range of uses of your multi-swing or climbing rope system in many ways. The knots set at 50 cm intervals make it easier to climb the rope. Please note that climbing ropes must not be knotted according to DIN 7911. Therefore, we recommend using a specially manufactured rope with prefabricated knots.
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1.50 kg
2 Meter
24.95 € per Meter
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