Tensioning Devices - Horizontal Bar

Tensioning devices - horizontal bar

Reck Longe
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Stretching lunge 'Kaiser system with ball bearing holders 2, adjustable Perlonfangseile with snap hook.
Artistic Gymnastics Horizontal Bar Exclusive
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Double strain and tension devices. New rod bearing allows very best gymnastics properties. High bar made of stainless spring steel. Adjustable height of 245 cm to 315 cm in 5 cm increments. 4 steel cable tension with Einhängeketten and tension devices.
Exercise Bar
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ORIGINAL REUTHER. Specially designed training bar with click system for quick and easy height adjustment (in seconds) from 80 to 290 cm complete without loosing tension. The rust-resistant stretch rod is easily replaced against a fiberglass rail CarboFlex. ""
Artistic Gymnastics Horizontal Bar WM Stuttgart
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ORIGINAL REUTHER. FIG certified. Continuous, thick-walled, flexible elastic stretching column. Stretching rod With more flexible wall, made of high quality stainless steel. Including double bracing with 2 safety slide adjusters. Height adjustable cm by 265 to 310.
Competition Horizontal Bar Team
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With Galvanized wire rope and chain tension. High bar made of stainless spring steel, slide Made of galvanized precision steel pipe. Adjustment in 5 cm - increments of 140 cm to 250 cm. Redesigned stretching rod storage, DIN 7,903th
Horizontal Bar Shelf Device
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For horizontal bar in the equipment room. Dimensions bracket (B x T) 55 cm x 20 cm. Dimensions of the ground-down plate 66 cm x 20 cm. The device is fixed with 4 screws to the wall.
GRP Spar
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GRP spar for uneven Club, Exercise Bar Club, methodological Reck Club, floor stretching. Length 240 cm, 3.5 kg, wood, metal
Magnesia Block
Kilogramm from 2,30 €
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BENZ Magnesia in the practical block form The Original - The Magnesia or also called Chalk for use in a variety of sports. The natural product magnesia / chalk was pressed in block form to reduce dust generation. Particularly good mobility and a secure grip with excellent absorption of moisture by the hands. Details: Shape: block shape / brick shape Size of the individual blocks: 90 x 90 x 45 mm Weight of a single block: 65g color: white material: magnesium carbonate Areas of application: Suitable for competitions, schools and clubs Use in apparatus gymnastics, weight training, climbing and athletics
BENZ Turn Cuboid
Piece from 390,00 €
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The BENZ Turnquader is the ideal auxiliary and training equipment for school and club sports and children's gymnastics. Details: With polyether foam RG 20 Stabilising support surface with 80 mm special foam. Complementary foam side edge reinforcement panels. Blue PVC cover with air vents and ventilation holes Zipper for easy opening of the quad Practical handle loops on the underside