Throw & Catch

Velcro Ball Set Soft

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Catch and throw fun at the beach, in the home garden or in nature. With this catch ball game is not only guaranteed fun, you train your eye-hand coordination and reaction skills. With the help of the width-adjustable hand straps, the Velcro ball hand catchers can be adjusted to fit any hand size.. Details: 2x neoprene velcro ball hand catcher with width adjustable hand strap. Diameter velcro ball hand catcher: approx. 18.5 cm Color Velcro ball hand catcher: green/blue, blue/red, orange/blue, red/blue. 1x soft velcro ball, diameter: approx. 6.25 cm Color Soft Velcro ball: green/orange, blue/red. Specially suitable for children from 3 years. Delivery is sorted by color according to stock!

Benz neoprene Football

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The Benz neoprene Football is due to its water-resistant surface for a gaming experience on land and in water. The neoprene cover makes Him elastic, soft yet extremely robust.

Benz neoprene flying disc Set

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The Benz neoprene flying disc set offers by the fan structure optimal flight characteristics, with the stable edge easy catch possible. The neoprene cover ensures a good grip. A great toy for young and old. The set includes one green and one orange slice.

Benz neoprene throwing star Set

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The BENZ throwing star made of neoprene can be long distance throw and catch without risk of injury. Its water-resistant neoprene skin ensures a good grip. Games fun guaranteed. The set includes two throwing stars in shades of blue and orange.

BENZ Juggling ball set

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The BENZ juggling ball set of 3 offers you basic equipment for juggling training. Thanks to the practical carrying net, the set is ideal for exercises with children. Details Grippy balls made of soft synthetic material Synthetic granules Ø 68 mm Weight 110 g 4 coloured 3 balls in a carrying net

Kid Playset

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The great Kid-game set offers a variety of ways to play, fun games, juggling, movement and activity. Ideal for playground or recreational activities in schools. Including storage box with wheels and lid.

Sling cloth 50 x 50 cm

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Sling cloth 50 x 50 cm, with sewn-in weight. Set of 6 in different colors. The cloth is washable at 30 ° C. For coordination exercises, but also for throwing games. The clothes have a holding loop and a weighted corner for optimal movement and throwing control. Weight per cloth 60 g.

Mikasa Dodgeball DGB 850

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Young children love the velvety surface of the Sport balls. They are the perfect balls for any child aged 1-6 and encourage early catching and throwing as well as hand-eye coordination. The set includes 6 different sports balls in 6 different colours - tennis ball, rugby ball, football, basketball, golf ball and baseball ball. Details: 6 balls in bright colours. Tennis ball, rugby ball, football, basketball, golf ball and baseball ball. Soft surface thanks to fantastic material For exploring and encouraging motor skills and sense of touch Made from natural rubber foam and can be kneaded Ø 10 cm Weight 95 g per ball

Sensory ball set of 6

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The Rubbabu motoric ball "senses" set of 6, consisting of irresistibly fluffy and kneadable balls, is not only used for therapy purposes but also offers toddlers aged 1-6 years an exciting sense and fun experience. Details: 6 balls in bright colours. Soft surface due to flocking Balls with dents, bumps, bumps, spikes and various structures to explore Promotes motor skills and sense of touch Made of natural rubber foam and can be kneaded Ø 10 cm Weight 95 g per ball

Original Viking Chess Kubb

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Original Viking Chess Kubb is an outdoor throwing game from the time of the Vikings that can be played by 2 to 12 people. Two teams and a relatively flat area of 5 x 8 m or 8 x 10 m are required. The players have to try to knock down first the opposing servants and then the king with the help of the throwing sticks in order to win the game.. Details: 1x king (7 x 7 x 30 cm) 10x servant (6 x 6 x 15 cm) 6x throwing stick (3.5 x 30 cm) 4x boundary sticks (1.8 x 30 cm) 1x net bag 1x game instructions

Bassalo cup ball starter set

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With the Bassalo starter set, motor skills such as hand-eye coordination and dexterity are trained in a playful way. Bassalo is not only mega fun for children and young people, but you can also use this throwing and catching game to actively organise school breaks and leisure time.. Details: 2 x catching cups (L x Ø) 25 x 7 cm 1 x red ball ø 4 cm 1 x storage lid 1 x game instructions

Jogball set

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The Jogball set is a catch-and-learn game for children aged 5 and up. The game is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Throwing distances of over 20 m are possible with this action throwing game.. Details: 2x wooden rackets 1x juggling ball

Giant tail ball set of 2

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Due to their long tails, the giant tail balls are very easy to catch. The tail balls are popular for training hand-eye coordination.Details: Set of 2 in blue-orange Ø 10 cm, total length 91,4 cm Foam balls sewn into mesh bag Perfect for the playground or sports lessons

Cardio Goal Starter Set Classic

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Cardio Goal Starter Set Classic with 2 cardio Goal-goal, two feet, two yellow posts, 3 colored spiral balls (yellow, red, blue), incl. Transport bag, stopwatch, three color cards (red, blue, yellow) and an exercise instructions

Crossboccia Double-Pack Heros

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Perfect set for the beginner in cross bowls in a double pack with "Maxican + Dude" design. Product details: 2 x 3 fabric bags of the same colour. Ø 8 cm with 90g granulate filling 1x target ball Incl. re-sealable net bag and official rulebook

Devil Stick standard

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The Devil Stick Standard is a wooden stick that tapers conically towards the center. Plastic caps at the ends prevent the wood from splintering when dropped. With this neutral Devil Stick, players can decorate their Devil Stick as they see fit, using adhesive tape or color. The Devil Stick is kept in the air and set in rotation using two plastic-coated handsticks. Specifications: Devil Stick Length: 67 cm Weight: 215 g Inner Diameter: 18 mm Outer Diameter: 36 mm Black or white knobs based on stock availability Includes booklet with tips and tricks

Diabolo Vision Set

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The diabolo for professionals and beginners! With the extra wide hubs, the Vision is easier to catch and better suited for finger tricks and grindings! Even when playing vertically, the Vision is stable in the string. The Vision is therefore the optimal diabolo for professionals, but also ideal for beginners. Due to its size and weight it is very suitable for children. The transparent half shells (except black and white) are made of the same material as skater wheels and are extremely durable. The spool consists of two black hubs, between which a profiled, fully galvanized steel swivel forms the line roller. According to stock in transparent colors ice, red, yellow, green, blue, orange and solid colors black and white.Specifications: Ø 130 mm Width138 mm Weight 240 gDelivery includes handsticks


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Ideal to promote movement, coordination and perception in gymnastics, therapy and rehabilitation. Made of sturdy, durable cotton material manufactured and filled with hygienic plastic granulate.

Catch and throw ball

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, Multi-colored with plastic loops, very easy to catch catch and throw the ball and throw, Ø 10 cm, 35 g, ABS plastic loops, suitable for all Altersgruppenzur improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills indoors and outdoors

Target throw rug

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Make target throwing exercises interesting and exciting with the target throwing carpet. Who hits the best? Product details: Ø 197 cm Made of non-woven fabric Incl. 4 floor hooks to attach to soft ground

Ring Toss Game

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Ring toss game, multicolored, 660 g, wood for mating. 1 x union cross (L x B x H) 38 x 38 x 21 x 5 vertical rods of target FSC cm, certified pine wood, 5 x quoits of dragline

Diabolo Beach Set

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An inexpensive diabolo in a unique design. The half-shells are made of PP (polypropylene) in transparent colors. This material is also used for juggling plates. This makes the half-shells softer, but most importantly, visually superior. The axle, spool, washers, nuts and the hubs are now identical in construction to the Diabolo Circus. As a result, the weight has been reduced from 250 g to 215 g, making it suitable for the smaller players. The axial ribbing of the half shells ensures the best running properties even under the most severe deformation.Specifications: Material polypropylene Ø 120 mm Width130 mmWeight 215 gHandsticks includedColors according to availability

Mud Ball Mudball set of 3

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Mud Ball Mudball set of 3, transparent / brown, depending on diameter 8 cm, 800 g / Set, 1 x Ball with large beads inside, 1 x Ball with small beads inside, 1 x Ball with sand inside, one small snake inside, 1 x surface smooth, 1 x surface with small knobs, 1 x interface with large studs, suitable for different catching games

Yuck-E-Balls, Set of 6

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Yuck-E-Balls, Spordas 6 sets, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, red, each Ø 9 cm, each about 300 g, each ball is filled with small PVC balls and non-toxic gel. Also ideal for sports rehabilitation and therapy

CATCHIT Throwing Ball

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The CATCHIT throwing ball trains throwing technique and coordination in a playful way. Product features: Dimensions (L x Ø): 24 x 8 cm Made of neoprene material No risk of injury for thrower and catcher Can also be used in water

PVC tennis ring set of 4

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The inflatable profiled rings are suitable for holding, pulling, rolling, throwing, relay games and marking. Product Features: Set of 4 made of PVC Air-filled with valve In the colors green, red, yellow and blue

Can toss game

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The classic throwing game without any clatter or noise. Product details: 10 cans 2 balls (Ø 6 cm) Dimensions of cans (H x Ø): 10 x 7,5 cm Material: PE foam Carrying bag included Design according to stock

Luftmatz cover

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The Luftmatz is a balloon and ball in one. The special balloon is put into the Luftmatz cover and inflated. The mouth end of the matching balloon is twisted and tucked into the flap of the cotton cover. Suitable for all ages, indoors and outdoors whether on dry land or in the water. Details: Available in 3 sizes Made from 100% cotton Very light and soft Promotes dexterity and coordination Cover washable at 30 degrees Made in Germany Delivery without balloon

PVC Tennis Ring

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This ring made of durable Ruton is very resistant. The TOGU throwing ring is filled with air and can be squeezed. It has a lip valve that allows the internal air pressure to be changed. For this purpose, a pump for needle valves is required. Specifications: Ø 18 cm 180 g

Roundnet set

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Roundnet is a lively, action-packed and even competitive 2-against-2 sports game for indoors and outdoors. The versatile Roundnet game can be played on a university campus, field trip, lawn, yard, garden, beach or gym. The rules are similar to those of volleyball. The playing field is not limited to one side and is therefore 360 degrees for both teams. The game can be set up in seconds without tools or much effort and can be taken anywhere due to its light weight. The fast-paced game inspires everyone and you will quickly find interested teammates. The Roundnet set consists of: 1 net stand Ø 90 cm (net height approx. 20 cm) 2 competition balls Ø 9 cm 1 training ball Ø 11 cm 1 ball pump (needle in handle) 1 instruction manual

Velcro dartboard YOUNGSTER

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Whether in the children's room or in the garden - The sunflex VELCRO DARTBOARD YOUNGSTER with different motifs on the front and back offers guaranteed fun and promotes coordination and mental arithmetic at the same time. On the child-friendly dartboard from sunflex, with the DINO design on one side and the BIRD & BEES design on the other side, children train their accuracy on the 36 cm large target. The 6 plastic balls with Velcro strips pose no danger of injuries and damage to walls or furniture. Specifications: Board Ø 36 cm 6 plastic balls with Velcro Weight 120 g

Ladder golf set

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This original golf loop game is fun and provides children with a sense of accomplishment. Stand about 3 meters away from the golf ladder. The excitement builds! With a swing, try to throw the double balls connected by a rope in a way that they loop around the rungs of the golf ladder. The higher the level, the more points you score. Suitable for up to 2 players, it promotes concentration, enthusiasm, and ambition. The golf ladder, delivered disassembled, is easy for children to assemble. The feet of the golf ladder are already filled with sand, ensuring stability. Contents: Golf ladder, 3 red and 3 blue double balls each. Specifications: Plastic: Polypropylene (W x H x D): 60 x 100 x 82 cm Ball Diameter: 5 cm Rope Length: 30 cm