Ball Catching Games

Velcro Ball Set Soft

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Catch and throw fun at the beach, in the home garden or in nature. With this catch ball game is not only guaranteed fun, you train your eye-hand coordination and reaction skills. With the help of the width-adjustable hand straps, the Velcro ball hand catchers can be adjusted to fit any hand size.. Details: 2x neoprene velcro ball hand catcher with width adjustable hand strap. Diameter velcro ball hand catcher: approx. 18.5 cm Color Velcro ball hand catcher: green/blue, blue/red, orange/blue, red/blue. 1x soft velcro ball, diameter: approx. 6.25 cm Color Soft Velcro ball: green/orange, blue/red. Specially suitable for children from 3 years. Delivery is sorted by color according to stock!

Benz neoprene Football

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The Benz neoprene Football is due to its water-resistant surface for a gaming experience on land and in water. The neoprene cover makes Him elastic, soft yet extremely robust.

Mikasa Dodgeball DGB 850

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Young children love the velvety surface of the Sport balls. They are the perfect balls for any child aged 1-6 and encourage early catching and throwing as well as hand-eye coordination. The set includes 6 different sports balls in 6 different colours - tennis ball, rugby ball, football, basketball, golf ball and baseball ball. Details: 6 balls in bright colours. Tennis ball, rugby ball, football, basketball, golf ball and baseball ball. Soft surface thanks to fantastic material For exploring and encouraging motor skills and sense of touch Made from natural rubber foam and can be kneaded Ø 10 cm Weight 95 g per ball

Sensory ball set of 6

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The Rubbabu motoric ball "senses" set of 6, consisting of irresistibly fluffy and kneadable balls, is not only used for therapy purposes but also offers toddlers aged 1-6 years an exciting sense and fun experience. Details: 6 balls in bright colours. Soft surface due to flocking Balls with dents, bumps, bumps, spikes and various structures to explore Promotes motor skills and sense of touch Made of natural rubber foam and can be kneaded Ø 10 cm Weight 95 g per ball

Bassalo cup ball starter set

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With the Bassalo starter set, motor skills such as hand-eye coordination and dexterity are trained in a playful way. Bassalo is not only mega fun for children and young people, but you can also use this throwing and catching game to actively organise school breaks and leisure time.. Details: 2 x catching cups (L x Ø) 25 x 7 cm 1 x red ball ø 4 cm 1 x storage lid 1 x game instructions

Jogball set

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The Jogball set is a catch-and-learn game for children aged 5 and up. The game is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Throwing distances of over 20 m are possible with this action throwing game.. Details: 2x wooden rackets 1x juggling ball

Giant tail ball set of 2

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Due to their long tails, the giant tail balls are very easy to catch. The tail balls are popular for training hand-eye coordination.Details: Set of 2 in blue-orange Ø 10 cm, total length 91,4 cm Foam balls sewn into mesh bag Perfect for the playground or sports lessons

Cardio Goal Starter Set Classic

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Cardio Goal Starter Set Classic with 2 cardio Goal-goal, two feet, two yellow posts, 3 colored spiral balls (yellow, red, blue), incl. Transport bag, stopwatch, three color cards (red, blue, yellow) and an exercise instructions

Catch and throw ball

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, Multi-colored with plastic loops, very easy to catch catch and throw the ball and throw, Ø 10 cm, 35 g, ABS plastic loops, suitable for all Altersgruppenzur improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills indoors and outdoors

Mud Ball Mudball set of 3

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Mud Ball Mudball set of 3, transparent / brown, depending on diameter 8 cm, 800 g / Set, 1 x Ball with large beads inside, 1 x Ball with small beads inside, 1 x Ball with sand inside, one small snake inside, 1 x surface smooth, 1 x surface with small knobs, 1 x interface with large studs, suitable for different catching games

Yuck-E-Balls, Set of 6

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Yuck-E-Balls, Spordas 6 sets, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, red, each Ø 9 cm, each about 300 g, each ball is filled with small PVC balls and non-toxic gel. Also ideal for sports rehabilitation and therapy

Luftmatz cover

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The Luftmatz is a balloon and ball in one. The special balloon is put into the Luftmatz cover and inflated. The mouth end of the matching balloon is twisted and tucked into the flap of the cotton cover. Suitable for all ages, indoors and outdoors whether on dry land or in the water. Details: Available in 3 sizes Made from 100% cotton Very light and soft Promotes dexterity and coordination Cover washable at 30 degrees Made in Germany Delivery without balloon

Roundnet set

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Roundnet is a lively, action-packed and even competitive 2-against-2 sports game for indoors and outdoors. The versatile Roundnet game can be played on a university campus, field trip, lawn, yard, garden, beach or gym. The rules are similar to those of volleyball. The playing field is not limited to one side and is therefore 360 degrees for both teams. The game can be set up in seconds without tools or much effort and can be taken anywhere due to its light weight. The fast-paced game inspires everyone and you will quickly find interested teammates. The Roundnet set consists of: 1 net stand Ø 90 cm (net height approx. 20 cm) 2 competition balls Ø 9 cm 1 training ball Ø 11 cm 1 ball pump (needle in handle) 1 instruction manual

Rubberflex grave ball, set of 6, Ø 10 cm

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These balls can cast because of their unique structure in different ways, rolled and caught. They are dimensionally stable, soft, flexible and infinitely durable, making it ideal for children of all ages. 6-piece set, yellow, red, blue, purple, green and orange.

Mono-Fling Set

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Fang network game with 2 Mono-Fling networks and 2 game balls (diameter 7.5 cm), Weight g 340, respectively, network size 30.5 x 25 cm. Individual or group match for both indoor and outdoor use.


Piece from 12,90 €
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Catch and Knubbel ball 6 side knobs, thereby continuously changing directions during the impact. Uncontrollable changes in direction train the eye-hand coordination for a quick game for children and adults.

WV® Goal Ball

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This ball, specially developed for the blind and visually impaired, is manufactured in accordance with the official of the German Goalball. Details: Ø 25 cm Made of rubber With little bell inside the ball

Tumble ball

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Due to the flexible and open structure of the tumble ball, this is optimally suited to playfully promote and train motor skills. Details: For didactic games or exercises to improve motor skills Made of PE with neoprene cover Ø 19,5 cm

Mini soft cube 76 mm

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The Mini soft cubes are a great alternative to balls for juggling. The cubes are also great fun for a variety of catch and throw games. Details: Edge length 76 mm Elastic foam with PU coating Available in two colours Washable due to the PU skin Perfect for schools, kindergartens and clubs

Tail ball sling stick

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To throw a tail ball even further, the matching sling stick can be used.Details: Dimensions (W x L x H) 12 x 73 x 7 cm Delivery without ball

Ball catching cloths set of 6

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The scarf balls are ideal for a wide variety of game ideas - whether throwing or as a bounce game, the scarf balls are versatile.Details: Set of 6 in bright colours length 27 cm, ø approx. 5 cm Combination of cotton ball and chiffon cloth Easy to catch thanks to slow flight

Rubber Flex Gripping Ball

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The special feature of the rubber Rubberflex grip ball is its honeycomb ball construction. This grid shape makes it very easy to catch. Details: Available sizes: Ø 10 / 12 / 15 /21.6 cm Colour according to stock Price per piece

SwingFun Set

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Create a variety for games with swing cloths by using the BENZ SwingFun set. This set not only contains a wide variety of throwing objects, but also provides instructions for playing with the swing cloth. Set contents 2x beach ball (Ø approx. 50 cm) 10 perforated balls (5x red, 5x white) 4x foam ball 1x Goalball bell ball 3x game fish 4x bean bags (15 x 10 cm in red/yellow/blue/green) 1x dice (16 cm edge length) 1x game instructions 1x transport bag

Floating balls

Pair from 27,91 €
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The floating balls are a great alternative to balloons. They are so light that they float around the room like soap bubbles.Details: Price per pair Sizes: Ø 20 cm, Ø 30 cm, Ø 40 cm In purple and green Latex free

Swing and Hoop Set of 3

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The ultimate dexterity fun for everyone. Promote targeted hand-eye coordination of your children or students. Set of 3 in yellow-purple, blue-orange and red-green foam. Length: approx 38 cm. ø ball catching ring: approx. 11.5 cm ø ball: approx. 7 cm

Waboba Pro Ball

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The term WABOBA is derived from "water bouncing ball". The WABOBA Pro Ball is designed for top athletic performance and is therefore larger, heavier and faster than the WABOBA Extreme Ball. Product features: Diameter: 6.5 cm Weight: 98 g High bounce on the water Patented three-layer design Gel core for the perfect bounce Assorted colours

WABOBA Extreme Ball

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Get ready for extreme water fun. The WABOBA Extreme ball is specially designed for throwing games in the water. Product features: Diameter: 6 cm Super grippy Ball for advanced players

Neoprene beach soccer ball

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The Beachsoccer ball from Schildkröt can be played on the grass, on the beach and in the water thanks to its neoprene cover. A perfect vacation buddy in three trendy designs. Product details: Size 5 Diameter: 21 cm Salt water resistant thanks to neoprene cover Color will be delivered according to availability

SensationsBell balls set of 6

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Through the small bells inside, the balls can be heard when rolling. Perfect accessory for school classrooms, sports for the blind and therapy area. Product Features: Set of 6 in different colors Diameter: 17,80 cm Made of PVC material 3 bells inside each ball

TOGU Earth Ball

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The TOGU Earth Ball with continental print offers many play possibilities in class, for didactic games or for leisure time. Details Available with ø 100 and 200 cm. Made of robust ruton Ideal for kindergartens, primary schools and therapeutic facilities Maximum loadable up to 80 kg