Throw Bag


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Ideal to promote movement, coordination and perception in gymnastics, therapy and rehabilitation. Made of sturdy, durable cotton material manufactured and filled with hygienic plastic granulate.

SwingFun Set

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Create a variety for games with swing cloths by using the BENZ SwingFun set. This set not only contains a wide variety of throwing objects, but also provides instructions for playing with the swing cloth. Set contents 2x beach ball (Ø approx. 50 cm) 10 perforated balls (5x red, 5x white) 4x foam ball 1x Goalball bell ball 3x game fish 4x bean bags (15 x 10 cm in red/yellow/blue/green) 1x dice (16 cm edge length) 1x game instructions 1x transport bag

Bean bag set with fun food images

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This bean bag set contains a total of 32 bean bags (11 x 11 cm) with fun food images on the front and colored areas (depending on the food group) on the back. The filling material consists of recycled plastic pellets. A healthy diet is very important for children in the growth phase and with these bean bags there is the possibility to teach children a broad basic knowledge in a playful way. Set content: 6 white bean bags = dairy products 6 purple bean bags = fruit 6 green bean bags = vegetables 4 red bean bags = meat 4 orange bean bags = starchy foods 2 black bean bags = sugar 2 blue bean bags = drinks 2 yellow bean bags = fat