Floating Balls
Floating Balls
Floating Balls Floating Balls Floating Balls

Floating balls

The floating balls are a great alternative to balloons. They are so light that they float around the room like soap bubbles.

  • Price per pair
  • Sizes: Ø 25 cm, Ø 35 cm, Ø 40 cm
  • In purple and green
  • Latex free
€27.91 (tax incl.) €23.45 (tax excl.)
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The floating balls made of latex-free, transparent PU plastic have a very high incentive character, especially for children. When fully inflated, they float around like soap bubbles. With these balls, you can involve all children in the game regardless of their physical abilities. The floating balls are very light and wrap around the first obstacle (such as the finger, nose or head of a teammate) and then bounce away from it. The material and welds are exceptionally strong. The hover balls are available in three different sizes.
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