Movement Pass

motion pass

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The motion pass for children of educated professionals designed. The set includes different objects which can be combined for 80 different games to teach children so playful coordinate movements and to train them.

Slalom cone set of 10

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The slalom cone set of 10 in bright neon green provides valuable services in training. It can be used for ball control training as well as for inline skating on asphalt. Details: Robust material Dimensions 70 x 80 mm per cone Ideal for slalom training Incl. carrying bag

Coordination ladder 4 m

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Coordination ladder / agility ladder, 4 m long. Coordination ladders have been an indispensable training tool for coordination and quickness training for many years and are used as a training aid in many ball sports, athletics and fitness training. The rungs of this coordination ladder are made of sturdy rubber material, which makes the rungs extremely durable and also slip-resistant on indoor floors.

BENZ coated foam ball SOFTI

Piece from 4,90 €
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The very good bouncing BENZ Softi soft foam ball is very versatile. The small diameter of 90 mm makes it very easy to throw and catch. The extremely durable PU elephant skin with high abrasion resistance is washable, disinfectable and hygienic. Weight 30 g. Specifications: Soft foam ball with PU coating Durable, hygienic surface Very good jumpingØ 90 mmWeight 30 gAvailable in 3 colors