Break & Play Sets

Kid Playset

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The great Kid-game set offers a variety of ways to play, fun games, juggling, movement and activity. Ideal for playground or recreational activities in schools. Including storage box with wheels and lid.

Velcro Ball Set Soft

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Catch and throw fun at the beach, in the home garden or in nature. With this catch ball game is not only guaranteed fun, you train your eye-hand coordination and reaction skills. With the help of the width-adjustable hand straps, the Velcro ball hand catchers can be adjusted to fit any hand size.. Details: 2x neoprene velcro ball hand catcher with width adjustable hand strap. Diameter velcro ball hand catcher: approx. 18.5 cm Color Velcro ball hand catcher: green/blue, blue/red, orange/blue, red/blue. 1x soft velcro ball, diameter: approx. 6.25 cm Color Soft Velcro ball: green/orange, blue/red. Specially suitable for children from 3 years. Delivery is sorted by color according to stock!

Bassalo cup ball starter set

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With the Bassalo starter set, motor skills such as hand-eye coordination and dexterity are trained in a playful way. Bassalo is not only mega fun for children and young people, but you can also use this throwing and catching game to actively organise school breaks and leisure time.. Details: 2 x catching cups (L x Ø) 25 x 7 cm 1 x red ball ø 4 cm 1 x storage lid 1 x game instructions

Woodstick Street Racket Set

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Woodstick Street racquet set, black / yellow, (L x B x H) 37.8 x 23.5 x 6 cm, 490 g, 2 x black-lacquered wooden stick with logo print and trivalent nature wooden handles, 2 Soft balls (PU, Ø 70 mm) , 3 x Straßenmalkreide to mark the playing surface, packed in a carrying case with logo print and drawstring

SwingFun Set

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Create a variety for games with swing cloths by using the BENZ SwingFun set. This set not only contains a wide variety of throwing objects, but also provides instructions for playing with the swing cloth. Set contents 2x beach ball (Ø approx. 50 cm) 10 perforated balls (5x red, 5x white) 4x foam ball 1x Goalball bell ball 3x game fish 4x bean bags (15 x 10 cm in red/yellow/blue/green) 1x dice (16 cm edge length) 1x game instructions 1x transport bag


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consisting of: 2 set Jonglierbälle soft bean bag. 6 Jonglierbälle. 1 set juggling clubs Soft & amp; Safe. 2 Diabolo medium. 3 Juggling plate with wooden stick. 6 juggling towels. 2 set juggling rings. 1 Devil Stick. including .Anleitungen. 1 storage box.

BENZ Juggling ball set

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The BENZ juggling ball set of 3 offers you basic equipment for juggling training. Thanks to the practical carrying net, the set is ideal for exercises with children. Details Grippy balls made of soft synthetic material Synthetic granules Ø 68 mm Weight 110 g 4 coloured 3 balls in a carrying net

Benz neoprene flying disc Set

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The Benz neoprene flying disc set offers by the fan structure optimal flight characteristics, with the stable edge easy catch possible. The neoprene cover ensures a good grip. A great toy for young and old. The set includes one green and one orange slice.

Benz neoprene throwing star Set

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The BENZ throwing star made of neoprene can be long distance throw and catch without risk of injury. Its water-resistant neoprene skin ensures a good grip. Games fun guaranteed. The set includes two throwing stars in shades of blue and orange.

Crossboccia Double-Pack Heros

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Perfect set for the beginner in cross bowls in a double pack with "Maxican + Dude" design. Product details: 2 x 3 fabric bags of the same colour. Ø 8 cm with 90g granulate filling 1x target ball Incl. re-sealable net bag and official rulebook

Speedminton School Set includes:

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Speedminton Schulset "Big Sports & Fun" consisting of: 10 speedminton school racquets (5 red / 5 blue), 30 speeder (each 10 MATCH, 10 FUN, 10 HELI speeder), 40 Cones, 1 sports bag, ICO Cross Minton Guide

Indiaca tennis set

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The Indiaca Tennis Set with 2 special rackets and the Indiaca Play turn the well-known backstroke game into a versatile racket game. It is the ideal leisure game for the beach, the garden, or the gym. Delivery includes rules of the game.

Crossboccia PRO 4 x 3

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4 x 3 game balls made of polyesters having different sizes, diameter 8 cm, filled with plastic granules, 115 g per ball, with labels for labeling, 1 target ball, and reclosable mesh bag with drawstrings, incl. Regulations. Official tournament registration.

Family-Tennis Set

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Family tennis is the popular leisure classic for the whole family, for young and old. Product features: 2x plastic racket 1x foam tennis ball (Ø 7 cm) Extremely robust material

Zügelmatz horse game for children

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The Zügelmatz is a specially designed horse harness for children aged 3 to 10. Product features: One size fits all Made from horse halter material Weather resistant and can also be used in the rain Washable

Gymnastics Dolly Set

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The gymnastics trolley set is perfectly designed for physical education in kindergarten and school. Product features: 91-piece set with transport cart Promotes children's motor skills and coordination Offers many sport and play possibilities Set contents: 1x gymnastics transport trolley 12 x throwing balls 12 x FIG gymnastic clubs 1 x rope 10 m 12 x gymnastic bars 12 x gymnastic balls 6" 1 x gymnastic cord 10 m 4 x medicine balls (each ball 800 g) 12 x gymnastic hoops ø 70 cm 12 x tennis rings 12 x gymnastic ropes 3 m (3 x each red, green, blue, yellow) 1 x ball pump

BENZ mega game set

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The BENZ Mega play set offers a lot of fun for a large group of children during the school break, in sports lessons, or in their free time. The set consists of small devices with different requirement character and will suit every child. For storage and easy transportation, the set comes in a sturdy bag with wheels.