BENZ Juggling Ball Set
BENZ Juggling Ball Set
BENZ Juggling Ball Set BENZ Juggling Ball Set

BENZ Juggling ball set

The BENZ juggling ball set of 3 offers you basic equipment for juggling training. Thanks to the practical carrying net, the set is ideal for exercises with children.

  • Grippy balls made of soft synthetic material
  • Synthetic granules
  • Ø 68 mm
  • Weight 110 g
  • 4 coloured
  • 3 balls in a carrying net
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The BENZ juggling ball set offers beginners in particular a good start to juggling. The soft synthetic surface gives the balls a good grip. The synthetic granulate filling ensures that the balls have a low bounce. If a ball hits the ground while juggling, it does not bounce away. With these properties, the juggling balls can be used well in school lessons or at a children's circus workshop. The balls are supplied in a practical carrying net.
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