Setback Games

Pool Noodle Water Cannon Racket Set
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Recreational fun for the water and on land. The 4-piece set can be used for everything from classic ball games to water battles. Details: 2x pool noodle rackets (L x Ø 60 x 7 cm). 2 x soft foam balls (Ø 9 cm, Ø 7 cm) Extendable plastic handles Can be used as water cannon and racket Racket covered with foam material
Pool Noodle Water Cannon Racket
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The recreational fun for the water and on dry land. The pool noodle water cannon bat can be used for everything from classic ball games to water fights. Details: Size L x Ø 60 x 7 cm Extendable plastic handle Can be used as water cannon and racket Racket covered with foam material
Speedminton School Set Includes:
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Speedminton Schulset "Big Sports & Fun" consisting of: 10 speedminton school racquets (5 red / 5 blue), 30 speeder (each 10 MATCH, 10 FUN, 10 HELI speeder), 40 Cones, 1 sports bag, ICO Cross Minton Guide
Woodstick Street Racket Set
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Woodstick Street racquet set, black / yellow, (L x B x H) 37.8 x 23.5 x 6 cm, 490 g, 2 x black-lacquered wooden stick with logo print and trivalent nature wooden handles, 2 Soft balls (PU, Ø 70 mm) , 3 x Straßenmalkreide to mark the playing surface, packed in a carrying case with logo print and drawstring
Ogo Sport® Set
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The Ogo Sport® Set by SCHILDKRÖT is the perfect outdoor leisure game with versatile uses. The saying "Oh go outside" - so go out and play - was the inspiration for the Ogo Sport.Product details: 2x Ogo Superdisk Ø 29 cm 1x Ogo fuzzy ball Ø 6,5 cm Rebound game as well as throwing discs
Family-Tennis Set
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Family tennis is the popular leisure classic for the whole family, for young and old. Product features: 2x plastic racket 1x foam tennis ball (Ø 7 cm) Extremely robust material
Ball Bouncer
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Action-packed game with broad applications (similar to speed play), to therapeutic, educational and psychologically valuable
Foam Polo Game Set
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This polo game is similar to field hockey, only difference between these games is that the polo set is equipped with large, soft and rounded sticks. Details: Stick lengths: Junior 48 cm, Senior 79 cm Length of clubface: Junior 30 cm, Senior 30,5 cm Ø of the hitting surface: Junior 11 cm, Senior 11 cm Hitting surface and ball made of covered PU-foam Set contents: 12 x polo sticks (6 each blue and yellow) 2x match ball Ø 15 cm
Schildkröt Beach Ball Set Ocean
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With the Ocean beach ball set from Schildkröt, recreational fun for the whole family is guaranteed. Whether on the beach, in the garden, on vacation, on the volleyball court or soccer field. The Beach Ball Set is made of high quality 8 mm thick wood and includes, in addition to the bats, two balls made of plastic. The set is packed in a resealable mesh bag.Product specifications: 2 wooden beach ball bats (lacquered)8 mm thick sturdy plywoodBlack plastic handles, firmly gluedDimensions of the rackets: 37.8 x 23.5 cm2 plastic balls, Ø 4 cmPractical resealable mesh bagATTENTION! Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
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Bonker Ball Set Junior The ideal introduction to the sport of baseballBonkerball set consisting of: 6 x bats (different colours) 6 x ball (different colours) Product details racket: Length: 69 cm Weight: 325 g Material: compressed foam with plastic core. Product details ball: Diameter: 9 cm Weight: 40 g Material: compressed foam Non bouncing Application areas: Recreational and school sports
PVC Tennis Ring Set Of 4
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The inflatable profiled rings are suitable for holding, pulling, rolling, throwing, relay games and marking. Product Features: Set of 4 made of PVC Air-filled with valve In the colors green, red, yellow and blue
BENZ TT Competition Rackets Set Of 2
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The BENZ competition table tennis bat set of 2 is designed for the ambitious club player and the competition game. The BENZ BE 40 Carbon table tennis racket provides optimal playing conditions for cut and spin variations during play.Set contents: 2x BENZ BE 40 Carbon TT racket with 2.0 mm rubber (ITTF certified). 1x box of 3 BENZ TT competition balls Ø 40 mm