Ogo Sport Slices Set
Ogo Sport Slices Set
Ogo Sport Slices Set Ogo Sport Slices Set Ogo Sport Slices Set

Ogo Sport® Set

The Ogo Sport® Set by SCHILDKRÖT is the perfect outdoor leisure game with versatile uses. The saying "Oh go outside" - so go out and play - was the inspiration for the Ogo Sport.

Product details:
  • 2x Ogo Superdisk Ø 29 cm
  • 1x Ogo fuzzy ball Ø 6,5 cm
  • Rebound game as well as throwing discs
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Whether on the beach, in the park or on the lawn, the Ogo Sport® set is the perfect casual game. The special feature of the Ogo Sport is its versatility, there are no limits to your creativity. It can be played alone, in pairs or by several players and playfully trains motor skills, eye-hand coordination. The super discs are covered with a nylon net that can catapult the Ogo whoosh ball up to 45 m back. This covering makes the discs resemble a small ball trampoline. The discs have the pleasant foam ring on the edge, which is comfortable to grip and hold. The Ogo fuzzy ball is soft enough to be used indoors or outdoors. Due to its fuzzy appearance, it also stays put at its landing point and there is no need to run after it. Another advantage of the Ogo Sport® set is that the discs float on the water and do not sink. This makes this leisure set perfect for the outdoor pool or the beach.

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