Fun in the water

Neoprene Beach Soccer Ball
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The Beachsoccer ball from Schildkröt can be played on the grass, on the beach and in the water thanks to its neoprene cover. A perfect vacation buddy in three trendy designs.Product details: Size 5 Diameter: 21 cm Salt water resistant thanks to neoprene cover Color will be delivered according to availability
Neoprene Diving Animals Set Of 3
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The diving animals are sand-filled with neoprene coating. They sink slowly to the bottom and the bright colors provide good visibility. Due to a foam insert in the upper part, the animals stand vertically on the bottom and are therefore easy to grab even for smaller children.Product details:Set of 3 with sand filled animalsSize approx. 12 cmFoam insert at the top of the animalsAssorted colorsSet contents:1 x sea lion1 x seahorse1 x fishCAUTION! Use only in shallow water under adult supervision. Not suitable for children under 3 years.Rinse article with clear water after use and dry sufficiently.
WABOBA Extreme Ball
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Get ready for extreme water fun. The WABOBA Extreme ball is specially designed for throwing games in the water. Product features: Diameter: 6 cm Super grippy Ball for advanced players
Bodyboard M
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If you are looking for fun on the wave, you should try the Schildkröt bodyboards. Bodyboards offer the perfect introduction to the world of surfing.Product features: Size M Dimensions (L x W x H): 69 x 45 x 4.5 cm Material: EPS core, nylon + PE Maximum load: 60 kgATTENTION! No protection against drowning. Use only under constant supervision! DE - Swimming board/kickboard (according to EN 13138-2). The product is not a swimming aid.
Water Basketball
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The recreational fun for swimming pools, swimming pool or the beach holiday. Can be played on a basket as well as on two baskets. The rules may specify any way he wants. Everywhere to assemble usable, quick and easy and extremely stable.
Diving Shells
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With the diving shells the outdoor pool visit is really fun! The three shells invite you to many diving games.Details: 3 pieces Size (W x L x H) 11.8 x 8.5 x 26.5 cm Can be connected with each other
Water Swimming Mat
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The water swimming mat is a firm swimming mat made of 3-layer XPE foam. With the mat, you can simply float across the water or it finds its use in the cool water for balance games.Details: Size S for 1 adult person or 2 children. Dimensions (L x W x H) 260 x 90 x 3.5 cm Loadable up to max. 120 kg Made of 3 layers of XPE foam made of polyethylene Extremely robust and tear-resistant
Float Rainbow
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With the swimming board in rainbow colours, going to the outdoor pool is twice as much fun.Details: Measures (W x L x H) 30 x 48 x 3 cm. Perfect for children's swimming Rainbow design Made of durable PE foam
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Swim like a dolphin thanks to the monofin with flexible plastic fin strap. The heel strap can be adjusted quickly and easily. "Wave" for children, shoe size 33-39. "Rapid" for adults, shoe size 40-46
BENZ Eurokick Swimming Board
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The BENZ Eurokick swimming board is a practical swimming aid for exercises in the water. Product details: Dimensions: 44.5 x 30.5 x 4 cm Extra strong construction Recesses for hands and feet 3-layer swimming board Plastazote foam
Float Aqua Sprint
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From chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam, hypoallergenic, gas and toxic, rot resistant, resistant to light, with great buoyancy, round front
Lamellar Diving Ring
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The lamellar diving rings bring a lot of fun to the swimming pool. The diving rings are very easy to sink in the water and thanks to their bright colors, they are also easy to recognize underwater. Details: With very handy lamellae Ø 15 cm Available in three bright colors
Mega Ring
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Ø 170cm, the mega-fun in the pool. Offers enough space for several children or adults simultaneously. Made of soft durable vinyl. Wall thickness of 3-5mm, excluding welds. Internal Ø 80cm, 45cm, weight 16kg.
Pool Noodle Water Cannon Racket
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The recreational fun for the water and on dry land. The pool noodle water cannon bat can be used for everything from classic ball games to water fights. Details: Size L x Ø 60 x 7 cm Extendable plastic handle Can be used as water cannon and racket Racket covered with foam material
Benz Neoprene Fish
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The Benz neoprene fish are easily inflatable, waterproof and your funny looks very popular with children. A real fun and funny playground ball in the pool, on the beach or at home The fish are available in three colors. Weight 70 g  Diameter about 6 cm
Benz Neoprene Animal Set
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Benz neoprene animal set, diving animals from neoprene, set about 800 g, multicolored, a squid, a seal, a starfish, a Meerjungrau, a tortoise and a clown fish
Water Polo
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The water ball by BECO is an absolute swimming pool classic for inflation. Made of durable PVC available in 2 sizes Ø 50 and 60 cm (uninflated). Details Diameter when inflated Ø 35 and 40 cm. With retractable safety valve.
Benz Neoprene Football
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The Benz neoprene Football is due to its water-resistant surface for a gaming experience on land and in water. The neoprene cover makes Him elastic, soft yet extremely robust.
Benz Neoprene Diving Ring Set
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Benz neoprene diving ring set, includes diving rings in the colors green, red, blue and orange. Weight per ring about 110 grams, diameter 15 cm. Very pleasant, supple neoprene material.
Pool Noodle Water Cannon Racket Set
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Recreational fun for the water and on land. The 4-piece set can be used for everything from classic ball games to water battles. Details: 2x pool noodle rackets (L x Ø 60 x 7 cm). 2 x soft foam balls (Ø 9 cm, Ø 7 cm) Extendable plastic handles Can be used as water cannon and racket Racket covered with foam material
Diving Ring Ø 14 Cm
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The diving ring is best suited for diving training thanks to its bright neon colors. In addition, the diving ring is also a popular toy for children in the outdoor pool. Details: Made of PVC with smooth surface Ø 14 cm Weight 130 g Available in neon green and neon pink
Aqualung Full Face Snorkel Mask
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Robust polycarbonate visor, mask body made of silicone, detachable snorkel for easy transport, Distortion-free glass mask with fl at profle, 180 ° field, two-chamber exhaust air system
Waterslide Duo
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Approximately 65 x 186 cm with 2 bowl and finish flag. Simple design, connect the water hose and water from the perforated edge hoses hundreds of water jets the smooth polyethylene film.
Benz Neoprene Ball
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The Benz neoprene ball is ideal for young and old. A swimming pool, salt water or on the beach of the ball ensures a lot of fun. Its extra soft and grippy surface of waterproof neoprene makes it very durable and resistant to light.
Aquafitmat Set
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. Aquafitmat Set including securing kit and air pump: the floating platform for total body workout, aqua fitness, aqua yoga, aqua pilates or even as a stand up paddle board. Very easy to inflate. The mat is extremely stable and has a special anti-slip surface. Use in pool or swimming pool, lake and sea.
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Aquafitmat: the floating platform for total body workout, aqua fitness, aqua yoga, aqua pilates or even as a stand up paddle board. Very easy to inflate. The mat is extremely stable and has a special anti-slip surface. Use in pool or swimming pool, lake and sea.
Supertubes Set
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The Supertubes set of Jersyprene Lite consists of 3 tubes and 3 balls in red, yellow and green. This float vertically in the water. They are weighted at the bottom part and provided at the top with floating rings.
Diving Aqua Zoo Animals
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The 90-gram plastic submersible animals sink to the bottom and stay upright. They even animate anxious children for diving. 4 different designs in four different colors - depending on availability.
Waboba Glove CATCH
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Waboba glove Catch, The glove for safe and easy catching or throwing the Waboba balls. Suitable for either hand. Supplied with a Waboba pro ball.
Waboba Pro Ball
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The term WABOBA is derived from "water bouncing ball". The WABOBA Pro Ball is designed for top athletic performance and is therefore larger, heavier and faster than the WABOBA Extreme Ball.Product features: Diameter: 6.5 cm Weight: 98 g High bounce on the water Patented three-layer design Gel core for the perfect bounce Assorted colours