Supertubes Set
Supertubes Set
Supertubes Set Supertubes Set Supertubes Set

Supertubes Set

The Supertubes set of Jersyprene Lite consists of 3 tubes and 3 balls in red, yellow and green. This float vertically in the water. They are weighted at the bottom part and provided at the top with floating rings.
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Possible game variations: The balls can for juggling, throwing and catching, or be used as a dip balls. Underwater, the tubes form a slalom course to dive through. nor the balls can be placed in the side-mounted net pockets of the tubes during the immersion process. Another way is the goal-throwing game in which, for example, to toss the balls from the pool edge into the top opening of the tubes. The game is structured biltzschnell by the tubes are simply thrown into the water. Content: 3 complained tubes Schwimmring3 balls (non-floating) Material: Jersyprene Light colors: the 1 Tube and ball in yellow, red, green length of the tubes 100 cm, diameter 15 cm
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