Fun Sports

Water Cannon Racket

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The recreational fun for the water and on dry land. The water cannon bat can be used for everything from classic ball games to water fights. Details: Size L x Ø 60 x 7 cm Extendable plastic handle Can be used as water cannon and racket Racket covered with foam material

Velcro Ball Set Soft

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Catch and throw fun at the beach, in the home garden or in nature. With this catch ball game is not only guaranteed fun, you train your eye-hand coordination and reaction skills. With the help of the width-adjustable hand straps, the Velcro ball hand catchers can be adjusted to fit any hand size.. Details: 2x neoprene velcro ball hand catcher with width adjustable hand strap. Diameter velcro ball hand catcher: approx. 18.5 cm Color Velcro ball hand catcher: green/blue, blue/red, orange/blue, red/blue. 1x soft velcro ball, diameter: approx. 6.25 cm Color Soft Velcro ball: green/orange, blue/red. Specially suitable for children from 3 years. Delivery is sorted by color according to stock!

Bassalo cup ball starter set

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With the Bassalo starter set, motor skills such as hand-eye coordination and dexterity are trained in a playful way. Bassalo is not only mega fun for children and young people, but you can also use this throwing and catching game to actively organise school breaks and leisure time.. Details: 2 x catching cups (L x Ø) 25 x 7 cm 1 x red ball ø 4 cm 1 x storage lid 1 x game instructions

Benz neoprene Football

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The Benz neoprene Football is due to its water-resistant surface for a gaming experience on land and in water. The neoprene cover makes Him elastic, soft yet extremely robust.

Water Cannon Racket Set

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Recreational fun for the water and on land. The 4-piece set can be used for everything from classic ball games to water battles. Details: 2 x water cannon/rackets (L x Ø 60 x 7 cm). 2 x soft foam balls (Ø 9 cm, Ø 7 cm) Extendable plastic handles Can be used as water cannon and racket Racket covered with foam material

BENZ bouncy ball

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Train your body and sense of balance playfully with the BENZ bouncy ball. The popular BENZ bouncy ball is a hit not only at play parties or birthday parties, but also in school sports or in therapy. The bouncy ball is made of high-quality foam. The plastic balancing disc can be loaded up to max. 90 kg.

Cardio Goal Starter Set Classic

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Cardio Goal Starter Set Classic with 2 cardio Goal-goal, two feet, two yellow posts, 3 colored spiral balls (yellow, red, blue), incl. Transport bag, stopwatch, three color cards (red, blue, yellow) and an exercise instructions

Speedminton School Set includes:

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Speedminton Schulset "Big Sports & Fun" consisting of: 10 speedminton school racquets (5 red / 5 blue), 30 speeder (each 10 MATCH, 10 FUN, 10 HELI speeder), 40 Cones, 1 sports bag, ICO Cross Minton Guide

Vikings Game of foam rubber

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In the Rubbabu Viking throwing game "Finnish Skittles", the 12 numbered skittles have to be knocked over with a throwing stick. Details: Contents: 12 cones, 1 throwing stick and 1 carry bag Height of the cones 11.5 cm, Ø 5 cm Made of 100% natural rubber Fluffy and soft in bright colours Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Light Up Saturn Hopper

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Light Up Saturn Hopper - stay fit and in shape with lots of fun! The Saturn Hopper is simply great fun! It consists of a rubber ball with a ring in the middle that is used like a platform to stand on. The ball is held between the feet with the ankles and the bouncing fun can begin! Bouncing trains the balance and the leg muscles. As a special effect, a light is activated when bouncing in the ball, which rounds off the fun at dusk and at night. Diameter approx. 38 cm, loadable up to 50 kg.

Target throw rug

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Make target throwing exercises interesting and exciting with the target throwing carpet. Who hits the best? Product details: Ø 197 cm Made of non-woven fabric Incl. 4 floor hooks to attach to soft ground

Woodstick Street Racket Set

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Woodstick Street racquet set, black / yellow, (L x B x H) 37.8 x 23.5 x 6 cm, 490 g, 2 x black-lacquered wooden stick with logo print and trivalent nature wooden handles, 2 Soft balls (PU, Ø 70 mm) , 3 x Straßenmalkreide to mark the playing surface, packed in a carrying case with logo print and drawstring

Roundnet set

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Roundnet is a lively, action-packed and even competitive 2-against-2 sports game for indoors and outdoors. The versatile Roundnet game can be played on a university campus, field trip, lawn, yard, garden, beach or gym. The rules are similar to those of volleyball. The playing field is not limited to one side and is therefore 360 degrees for both teams. The game can be set up in seconds without tools or much effort and can be taken anywhere due to its light weight. The fast-paced game inspires everyone and you will quickly find interested teammates. The Roundnet set consists of: 1 net stand Ø 90 cm (net height approx. 20 cm) 2 competition balls Ø 9 cm 1 training ball Ø 11 cm 1 ball pump (needle in handle) 1 instruction manual

Velcro dartboard "Kids"

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Velcro dartboard "Kids", Ø 36 cm, with 6 Velcro balls, weight 0.12 kg, front with DINO motifs (design for boys), back with bees and birds (design for girls)

HesherBall Set

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The new trend sport for at home and on the road - all you need is a table. With a few simple steps you have built your Hesherball field. The ideal pastime during the school break or with friends. HesherBall set consists of: 4x corner pieces/ hesher goals with clamping screws. 4x straps with clip fastener as bands 2x solid rubber balls with velour cover.

Benz neoprene flying disc Set

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The Benz neoprene flying disc set offers by the fan structure optimal flight characteristics, with the stable edge easy catch possible. The neoprene cover ensures a good grip. A great toy for young and old. The set includes one green and one orange slice.

Benz neoprene throwing star Set

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The BENZ throwing star made of neoprene can be long distance throw and catch without risk of injury. Its water-resistant neoprene skin ensures a good grip. Games fun guaranteed. The set includes two throwing stars in shades of blue and orange.

BENZ neoprene volley ball

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The BENZ neoprene ball is ideal for young and old. A swimming pool, salt water or on the beach of the ball ensures a lot of fun. Its extra soft and grippy surface of waterproof neoprene makes it very durable and resistant to light.


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Soft shell harder core. With the triangular field-template it is easy aufzustellen.Bahn the 10 pins really free for the two bowling balls. Three finger holes in each ball to give a firm grip and help to control the direction of the balls.

Miniature golf course basic

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Myminigolf is the first mini golf course you can take anywhere. Build a 9 hole course from the 13 felxible obstacles according to your wishes. The obstacles are made of shatterproof, UV-resistant ABS plastic. Contents of the Basic Set: 13 obstacle parts 1 steel bat 2 balls made of special rubber compound 1 score block nylon carrying bag


Piece from 101,90 €
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Stunt scooter for cool moves and freestyle tricks in halfpipe, street and skate park. It convinces with high-quality materials and robust processing. Due to the extremely strong 360 ° -Steuerungssatz great maneuverability is achieved.

Scooter XC 145

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Sturdy aluminum scooter with large 145mm PU wheels and ABEC 5 bearings for an ideal driving experience. Soft padded grips on the handlebars provide a comfortable and handy control of the scooter.

PopUp Giant Flying Disc Galaxy

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PopUp giant flying disce Galaxy A giant flying disc made of nylon - perfect for traveling - just a few steps stored in a resealable carry net. Including header card and seat belt. Color: black Diameter: 60 cm

Disc Golf Set

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Three-piece TPE clay targets set consisting geu from the 173 gram Driver disc for long, of 165 g heavy mid-range disc for medium and short distances as well as the 171-gram putter disc. Suitable for boarding round? Bte players. approved by the PDGA as Wettkampfset.


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Roller and skate board at the same time. Steered by shifting your weight. Super racer on 4 wheels for children and adults. Fast, agile, athletic, very handy, straightforward, extremely stable even when used with adults.

Scooter Jumbo

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High-quality rollerball pen-green, aluminum alloy, with 100 kg load capacity and rear friction brake. Safe folding mechanism. Foldable, height adjustable handlebar of 72 - cm 98th Length about 98 cm, tread approx 33 x 11 cm. Roles of cast PU, ball bearings ABEC 5 Carbon Steel, wheels with 200 mm. Weight 4.0 kg. Package dimensions: 90 x 33 x 1050 mm.

Ogo Sport® Set

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The Ogo Sport® Set by SCHILDKRÖT is the perfect outdoor leisure game with versatile uses. The saying "Oh go outside" - so go out and play - was the inspiration for the Ogo Sport.Product details: 2x Ogo Superdisk Ø 29 cm 1x Ogo fuzzy ball Ø 6,5 cm Rebound game as well as throwing discs