High Jump Equipment

Aluminum Abdeckdach
(tax incl.)
For mobile high jump mat, internal dimensions: 220 x 320 x 130 cm. Complete aluminum construction, side surface aluminum cassettes, roof aluminum wall profiles. Surface can be walked on. With a flap on the longitudinal wall (about 320 cm) and 6 welded attachment lugs for mounting on the floor.
High Jump Bar Holder (pair)
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Two pieces with guide yoke and 5 different print runs - respective distances 10 cm. By deflecting clamp the bar falls between the uprights and high jump mat and reduces the risk of injury.
Latte Cushion
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Latte upholstery black, two-piece foam tube. To reduce the risk of injury when falling to the crossbar in training.
Slatted Aluminum
On demand
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Entirely of aluminum, height 10 cm. Large-diameter aluminum square pipes form the robust substructure are welded to the aluminum profiles rectangle (80x20 mm). Depending on the size of Matt Delivery 2 or 3 pieces. When ordering please specify dimensions Matt.
Bar For School Sports
(tax incl.)
Wood strip of varnished beech wood with glued steel tape and a stainless steel slider with a knurled nut for quick measurement of the height of the high jump slats, ribbons or match lines and nets. Measuring range of 45 cm to 253 cm.
High Jump Aluminum Slatted Frame
Piece from 688,90 €
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Completely made of aluminum, height 10 cm. Large aluminum rectangular tubes form the robust substructure onto which the aluminum rectangular profiles (80x20 mm) are welded. Depending on the mat size, delivery in 2 or 3 parts.
Wood Pallet
On demand
(tax incl.)
From impregnated timbers and wooden slats, according to Matt size of several parts. Mats occur after rainstorms not directly in puddles and thus be considerably spared which contributes to durability.
High Jump Wooden Slatted Frame
Piece from 725,41 €
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Made of impregnated squared timber and wooden slats, in several parts depending on the mat size. After a rain shower, mats do not lie directly in puddles and are therefore considerably spared, which contributes to durability.
Altimeter For Pole Vault
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Bar for pole vault and high jump, competition benchmark. Anschiebbar m to 6.2, aluminum, with water level, and optimally readable height Scala for vertically measuring.
Jump Rope
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m of braided nylon cord at both ends with sand-filled bags leather weight, in the middle show leather, length 4.50.