Here you will find a large selection of athletics supplies, from beginners to top athletes - everything for school, popular and competitive sports. A wide range of athletics equipment for competitions or accessories and inspiration for daily training - we cover every discipline with the right equipment and fulfill every wish. Whether jumping, running, throwing or pushing? We have the right athletics equipment that meets all your needs - whether for the hall or the sports field.

High jump wooden slatted frame

Piece from 725,41 €
(tax incl.)
Made of impregnated squared timber and wooden slats, in several parts depending on the mat size. After a rain shower, mats do not lie directly in puddles and are therefore considerably spared, which contributes to durability.

High jump aluminum slatted frame

Piece from 688,90 €
(tax incl.)
Fully welded aluminum construction, height 10 cm. Large-sized rectangular aluminum tubes form the robust substructure onto which rectangular aluminum profiles (80x20 mm) are welded. Depending on the mat size, delivery in 2 or 3 pieces. Specifications: Material: aluminum Surface: Weather-resistant Optimal stability and flexibility Stop angle to prevent the mat from slipping Area of application: School sports Clubs Leisure

Adjustable mini hurdle

(tax incl.)
Adjustable Mini obstacle 3 is adjustable in height: 16, 23, 30 cm. Width: cm 46, a real training aid system with few parts which provides a number of application variations.

Trekking poles Alps

(tax incl.)
The Alpen trekking poles are ideal for beginners and ambitious recreational athletes. The super light aluminium poles are infinitely adjustable from 65-135 cm and are equipped with a quick-lock system. The tips of the poles can be quickly adapted to any terrain, the steel tip is used on terrain and the rubber plugs on asphalt. This way you are always sure-footed on your way.

Nordic walking poles

(tax incl.)
No matter whether on asphalt or on a handrail, the Nordic walking poles made of lightweight aluminium are the ideal training partners. On grassy or dirt paths, the hard net tip ensures your grip and on the road, an ergonomic rubber damper is used. The poles are individually adjustable in height from 84-100 cm and impress with their lightness (pair) 547 g infinitely adjustable from 84-140 cm.

trekking pole

(tax incl.)
Trekking pole made of aluminum (pair), weight (pair): 648 g of adjustable from 65-135 cm, lock system, Extended EVA grip with wrist strap

Walking pole Mt Blanc (pair)

(tax incl.)
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Walking pole Mt. Blanc, aluminum, continuously adjustable from 65-135 cm Weight (pair): 760 g, anti-shock system (even switched off), EVA grip with wrist strap

Obstacle moat

(tax incl.)
Obstacle moat aluminum Total height adjustable 91.4 cm for men and 76.2 cm for men, width 3.66 m, without any special ground sockets, IAAF certified

Obstacle hurdles trolley

(tax incl.)
Obstacle hurdles trolley made of aluminum with stable tubular steel construction for a complete set obstacle obstacles, non-slip pad surfaces with hitch

Anchors for sand pit cover

(tax incl.)
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Anchors for sand pit cover, length 40 cm, with 3 mm stainless steel wire rope, kg pull-out force approx 100th The ground anchor is hammered with the auxiliary round iron (45 cm length approx), this is then removed again by tightening of the steel cable to the eye loop turns of the ground anchor transversely and remains firmly anchored.

BENZ Competition hurdle

(tax incl.)
Competition hurdle, red / white, six height settings, 68,6, 76.2 cm, 83.8 cm, 91.4 cm, 99.1 cm, 106.7 cm, weight 12.65 kg; suitable hurdle cars 52551 not included

Soft peer Kids

(tax incl.)
Soft peer Kids, assorted colors, weight 70 gr, length 75 cm soft spear for children Athletics, The Soft peer is a special peer foam, guaranteed by four stabilizers in the hall good flight characteristics. Delivery sorted by color

Nemeth spear School 600 g

Piece from 465,90 €
(tax incl.)
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A very popular training and competition-spear that is very good for throws from 40 to 70 m is. The spear has a weight of 600 g. Please select desired option.

Run-up track made of REGUPOL®

Meter from 1.501,80 €
(tax incl.)
REGUPOL® run-up tracks are suitable for a wide range of uses and ideal for laying on outdoor sports facilities in athletics. Details: Available in two thicknesses: 10 / 12 mm Available lengths: 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 40 m Width: 125 cm Durable PU/rubber composite material Weather and spike resistant Rolled on cardboard cylinder Weight per square metre: 10 mm track = 7.5 kg 12 mm track = 9.1 kg Delivery carriage forward ex manufacturer's works. We will be happy to calculate your individual shipping costs and delivery times. When unloading larger rolls, the customer must provide helpers.

BENZ competition hurdle

(tax incl.)
The BENZ competition hurdle is based on a fully welded steel-aluminum construction. The counterweight with grid locking is galvanized. The telescopic inserts have a mechanism for quick, simultaneous height adjustment (DBGM). Scales are provided for height and weight adjustment. The hurdle complies with IAAF guidelines. Specifications: Width: 119 cm Depth: 70 cm Adjustable heights from 99 to 106.7 cm Areas of application: Competition

Red throwing ball / hitting ball, 80 g

(tax incl.)
Discover our red throwing ball / hitting ball made of durable porous rubber! With weight (80 g) and a diameter of 60 mm, it is the perfect training partner for improved throwing and hitting techniques. The bright red color ensures good visibility and fun during training. Don't miss the opportunity to improve your skills with this high quality red throwing ball/hitting ball made of porous rubber. Order now and look forward to effective training sessions!

Plastic boxes 90 l Set

(tax incl.)
Set of 4 plastic boxes with lids in the colors red, yellow, blue, green. A resilient engineered plastic, nestable, with finger holds liter scale at the edge. to seal provided with securing bores 10 mm at the edge to box with lid means padlock. (Lock not included).

Plastic 90 l

Piece from 38,90 €
(tax incl.)
A resilient engineered plastic, nestable, with finger holds liter scale at the edge. Provided with Ø 10 mm - securing holes in the edge region around the boxes to be closed with a padlock. (Cover and lock not included).

Easy hurdles set "soft jumper"

(tax incl.)
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This hurdles set is ideal for the coordinative training in football, handball, athletics and various other sports. The softness of the material prevents injuries during training. The items are very robust and water-repellent by the use of closed-cell lightweight foam.

Stoptec stopwatch 490

(tax incl.)
This spill-proof, shock-resistant watch is particularly interesting to work for swimming and rowing trainer to the power and high-performance sports. The race control function and the possibility of strokes measurements in a display, perform parallel to the current time is here particularly user-friendly possible.

Stoptec stopwatch 420

(tax incl.)
Very large and easy to read one-line display with a display area of ??first 39 min., 59.99 sec., Then 23 hr., 59 min., 59 sec. Display of the time (12 / 24h) with date, alarm and hourly chime. Optimal pressure point by the pressure point mechanism

Stoptec stopwatch 440

(tax incl.)
The stopwatch for school sports and coaches. The very large, well-read one-line display with a stopwatch function (9h 59min, 59.99s) Count Down / Count Up Timer or Repeat Timer Pacerfunktion (60/70/80/100/120/160/240 signals per minute adjustable ) time with date, four alarms and hourly chime.

Stoptec stopwatch 480

(tax incl.)
A spill-resistant stopwatch with two-line display, an 8 Memory stop function and a combined timer Pacerfunktion. Split and lap times can be stopped during the stop operation.

Stoptec stopwatch 485

(tax incl.)
The Stoptec 485 mm a stopwatch with large three-line display, 38 x 26 mm, Character height from 5.4 to 7.3, a 60 Memory storage function, timer function, Pacerfunktion and time with date and alarm. Especially recommended for coaches and physical education teachers who work with larger groups.

From training to competition: athletics equipment from Benz Sport 

Track and field is firmly anchored in school sports, and the sport is also popular in recreational settings. Children, teenagers and adults measure their strength in jumping, throwing and other disciplines in competitions. Benz Sport has athletics equipment and accessories in high quality. 

In a nutshell: What to expect in this article 

What track and field equipment does Benz Sport carry? 

From A for kick rings to D for discus and O for orienteering to Z for accessories, we have it all. Our assortment includes hurdles and everything thrown and pushed, as well as finishers equipment, mats, beams and measuring devices. If you are looking for equipment according to competition standards, you will also find it at Benz Sport. 

Who is the Benz Sport range aimed at? 

As a traditional company, Benz Sport equips schools and public institutions, clubs, kindergartens and rehabilitation centers. Of course, you can also order athletics equipment from Benz Sport as a private person. After all, trekking poles, training hurdles and fitness bags are not only interesting for institutions. 


  • Equipment for training and competition
  • Athletics equipment takes off!
  • There you will learn to fly: Athletics equipment for high jump and long jump
  • Benz Sport gives you legs! Running disciplines
  • Sustainable, high quality, extensive range: Benz Sport gets Germany moving
  • Using the advantages of the Internet for sports
  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions 

Equipment for training and competition 

Hammer and discus throwing, shot put, pole vaulting or sprinting: athletics is exciting. This sport not only trains strength and endurance, but also motor skills, coordination and much more. But it can't be done without equipment. We carry everything you need for athletics, from small equipment such as balls, javelins, discs and spheres, to stopwatches and tape measures, to large vaulting equipment such as for pole vaulting. Benz Sport equips clubs, schools and competitions. Our company, which has been family-run since 1907, is particularly proud of the fact that we have repeatedly been allowed to host international tournaments! Our customers trust us. This spurs us on to become even better as a sports outfitter with the largest range of products from our own production in Germany. 

Athletics equipment according to competition rules is only a small part of our assortment. We carry everything you need for varied training and targeted practice of isolated skills for children, teenagers and adults. Are you still looking for suggestions on how to organize your training? Then just ask one of our more than 170 competent employees! We will be happy to advise you. 

Athletics equipment takes off! 

In the throwing disciplines, the goal is to let the discus or hammer, javelin or shot fly as far as possible. Sometimes it's a matter of millimeters. It's good that your trainers have excellent track and field equipment of high quality to practice on. Benz Sport equips you with IAAF-certified "throwing projectiles". Our indoor equipment is made of rubber, allowing you to gently train indoors whenever the weather outside is just too uncomfortable. 

There you will learn to fly: Track and field equipment for high jump and long jump. 

In the jumping disciplines, no balls, spheres or discs fly, but you yourself take to the air. The equipment for the high jump disciplines consists of a vaulting stand, a bar and mats for the high jump and pole vault, respectively, as well as the pole box. For the long jump and triple jump, on the other hand, you need a sand pit and a take-off bar. The facilities take up a lot of space - that's why they are usually located outdoors. To protect the pit and mats from the weather, you should order the appropriate covers at the same time. 

The installation of a diving facility involves a lot of work. If you order from Benz Sport, our fitters will take care of the delivery and installation of your facilities, including the covers. No matter where you are in Germany: We come to you. Our fleet of more than 20 trucks delivers to you, so you don't have to come to us in Windenden. 

Benz Sport gives you legs! Running disciplines 

Sprint and long distance are the usual disciplines when it comes to running in athletics. But of course there is also middle distance and hurdling. It's easy to forget the equipment. After all, all you need to run is a pair of sneakers, right? With professional starting blocks and the hurdles at the appropriate height, it's more fun. Relay woods, self-raising hurdles and similar equipment will support you in training. 

Especially for the running disciplines, pay attention to who you need the track and field equipment for. The official regulations stipulate different distances and different heights of hurdles for children, men and women. Benz Sport equips you with competition-compliant equipment. 

Sustainable, high quality, extensive range: Benz Sport gets Germany moving 

Sport is not only fun, it's also important. It's about social interaction, physical and mental fitness. And it's about environmental protection in action. Athletics brings you closer to your nature, because you will always reach your biological limits. And you will perceive environmental conditions differently. As a manufacturer of athletics equipment, we ensure that this environment remains as stable as possible. In concrete terms, this means that we produce the equipment and accessories we sell ourselves. As a German company based in Winnenden, we maintain our own metalworking shop, a carpentry shop and a saddlery. Our facilities are heated in a climate-neutral manner. And because we produce in Germany, all items travel short distances between their production facility and you, the end customer. This minimizes the carbon footprint of the products. 

The high quality of our articles does the rest: robust, durable sports equipment can be used for many years. Such a long life cycle also protects the environment - and of course your finances. Benz Sport produces according to high German quality standards. 

Taking advantage of the Internet for sports 

Sports and computers, it's a strange mix. But in fact, in the case of athletics equipment, it makes sense to bring the two together. After all, the equipment you need for high jump or pole vault, for example, takes up a lot of space. As proud as we are at Benz Sport of our superbly designed and high-quality products, we'd hate to have to take you to a showroom. Why should we set everything up and ask you to come to us in Winnenden, Germany, when we can bring the athletics equipment to you via an online store and our assembly teams? You order conveniently online and have everything delivered and assembled. Sport and internet fit together perfectly! 

FAQ - Frequently asked questions 

What to consider for track and field equipment for children? 

Athletics is a great sport for kids because it promotes physical and mental development. However, children are not short adults. Track and field training must take into account the age-appropriate development of children. Starting blocks, hurdles, throwing materials and the like must therefore not simply be smaller, but must also be lighter and easier to move. 

How does the cover stay on the jumping pit? 

You can find covers with ground anchors in our assortment. The ground anchor prevents the wind from blowing the cover away. 

Throwing practice in the hall - alternative to the usual objects? 

Discus throwing, hammer throwing and javelin throwing: This does not train so well in the hall. However, you do not have to give up training completely. There are throwing devices made of rubber that can also be used indoors. And the right throwing technique can also be trained with a rubber ball, at least for the discus and hammer. Benz Sport will be happy to equip you.