High Jump Aluminum Slatted Frame
High Jump Aluminum Slatted Frame
High Jump Aluminum Slatted Frame High Jump Aluminum Slatted Frame

High jump aluminum slatted frame

Fully welded aluminum construction, height 10 cm. Large-sized rectangular aluminum tubes form the robust substructure onto which rectangular aluminum profiles (80x20 mm) are welded. Depending on the mat size, delivery in 2 or 3 pieces.


  • Material: aluminum
  • Surface: Weather-resistant
  • Optimal stability and flexibility
  • Stop angle to prevent the mat from slipping

Area of application:

  • School sports
  • Clubs
  • Leisure
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The BENZ slatted frame for high jump mats represents the next generation of robust, durable substructures for sports mats. Made entirely of high-quality aluminum, it stands out with a height of 10 cm and offers unsurpassed stability and durability. The large aluminum rectangular tubes form the solid basis of this substructure, onto which aluminum rectangular profiles (80x20 mm) are precisely welded to create a seamless, stable platform for any type of sports mat. Depending on the size of the mat, it is delivered in two or three parts, which makes transport and assembly much easier. This frame is an ideal solution for sports venues looking for a durable, reliable and low-maintenance foundation for their activities.

  • Completely made of aluminum
  • Height: 10 cm
  • Robust aluminum rectangular tubes
  • Welded aluminum rectangular profiles
  • Custom made possible
  • Easy assembly and transport
The BENZ slatted frame for high jump mats is more than just a base; it is an investment in the future of your sports area. Designed to meet the demands of demanding sporting activities, this frame offers a number of advantages that set it apart from traditional solutions.

Robust + durable
Aluminum, known for its resistance to corrosion and excellent durability, is the material of choice for this frame. It guarantees that the substructure will last for years without any loss of quality, even under intensive use and difficult conditions.

Optimal stability
The specially sized aluminum rectangular tubes provide a solid base that absorbs every movement while ensuring even pressure distribution. This is essential to keep the mats in top shape and offer athletes maximum safety.

Tailor-made configuration
The BENZ slatted frame for high jump mats adapts to your needs. Designed in each customized size to meet the needs of your sports facility and enable seamless integration into your space.

Easy to use
The modular design makes transport and assembly of the slatted frame much easier. This saves valuable time and makes the frame a practical solution for places that value flexibility and efficiency.

Environmentally friendly
Aluminum is a fully recyclable material, making the frame an environmentally conscious choice. By choosing this frame, you not only contribute to the safety and performance of your sports area, but also to the environment.

The BENZ slatted frame for high jump mats offers a unique combination of strength, durability and flexibility, making it the ideal choice for any modern sports facility. With this framework, you are relying on a solution that makes no compromises when it comes to quality, safety and environmental responsibility.
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