Squash racket Victor Center Jet

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A very good racket for the all-rounder in good interplay of weight, robustness and balance. Details: Material: Fused Graphite Material Heart shape Balance approx. 340 mm Stringing with Lawntexx string approx. 10 kg Frame weight 215 g

Victor Squash School Sport Set Start

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With the squash school sports set Start from Victor, this exciting racket sport can be discovered and tried out in school sports. Set contents: 4x squash rackets Blue Jet made of carbon and aluminum 4x squash goggles 8x squahball 1x squash racket bag 1x rule poster squash in A2 1x training manual

Squash School Sport Set Pro

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The VICTOR squash school sports set Pro offers good basic equipment for school sports. Set contents: 10 x squash rackets Blue Jet made of carbon/alu 12 x squash balls 1 x squash racket bag 1 x rule poster squash in A2 1 x training manual