We offer a wide range of basketballs. Whether for school, sports clubs or private use.
The most popular brands such as Spalding, Molten, Mikasa, Rucanor or Seamco. But also our BENZ basketballs convince with best quality and an unbeatable price-performance ratio.
We also offer a wide range of basketball equipment:
Competition facilities according to FIBA / DIN, mobile facilities / outdoor facilities, wall scaffolding / ceiling scaffolding / target boards / nets and much more.

Basketball DBB Rebound

Piece from 19,90 €
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The original - the ideal ball for indoor and outdoor use with top playing properties. Discover the BENZ Basketball DBB Rebound – the flagship for precision and durability on the basketball court. This competition ball, certified by the DBB (German Basketball Association), combines traditional design with the latest technology. The non-slip, optimized rubber surface in deep channel design gives the ball optimal handling. Its non-slip surface in deep channel design ensures improved ball control. Available in sizes 5, 6 and 7, with a circumference of 69, 73 or 75 cm and a weight of 480, 520 or 600 g, it is suitable for competitions, schools and clubs. The nylon carcass and the extra-grip surface meet the DBB and FIBA regulations for size and weight Specifications: DBB certified Surface: Sealed with innovative structure Available sizes 5 / 6 / 7 Weight ± 480 / 520 / 600 g Area of application: School sports Clubs Leisure

Basketball Benz Fast Break DBB Composite

Piece from 24,50 €
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Basketball Benz Fastbreak DBB Composite Competition Ball The original - the ideal indoor and outdoor game ball with top playing properties The non-slip surface made of composite synthetic leather gives the ball optimal handling Details: DBB certified Available sizes 5/6/7 Ball circumference: ± 69/73/75 cm Weight ± 480/520/600 g 100% composite synthetic leather Suitable areas: Suitable for competitions, schools and clubs

BENZ Basketball US-Design

Piece from 12,90 €
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Experience the American basketball feeling with the BENZ Basketball in US design, a training ball that not only impresses with its appearance, but also with its outstanding playing properties. With a feather-light weight of just 0.15kg and available in sizes 3, 5, 6 and 7, this ball offers every player, from beginners to advanced enthusiasts, the perfect foundation for intensive training. The non-slip surface made of rubber latex skin, coupled with a special anti-grip coating, ensures a pleasant playing feeling, while the robust nylon carcass guarantees long durability. The BENZ Basketball in US design - training ball. Outstanding, non-slip surface made of rubber latex skin with a special anti-grip coating for a pleasant game Details: Rubber latex skin on nylon carcass. Available sizes 3 / 5 / 6 / 7 Ball circumference: ± 56 / 69 / 73 / 75 cm Weight ± 300 / 480 / 520 / 600 g Beginner & training ball Areas of application: Suitable for schools and clubs

Wilson Basketball NBA DRV PLUS

Piece from 24,89 €
(tax incl.)
Play like the NBA pros with the Wilson NBA DRV PLUS outdoor ball even on the roughest floors. Details: Performance cover provides strong grip on any floor. Longer air retention due to inflation retention lining NBA design with NBA Pro stitching Bladder with pressure closure

Molten Basketball Series B900

Piece from 28,91 €
(tax incl.)
The basketballs of the Molten basketball series B900 are FIBA approved and DBB tested training balls with good playing characteristics.Details: Sizes: 7/6/5 Training ball FIBA approved and DBB tested Made of rubber for indoor and outdoor matches

Basketball MAX Exercise Ball Gr.5

(tax incl.)
The Spordas Basketball Max is the perfect training ball for school sports or children's training at the club. Details: Size 5 25 % lighter than conventional basketballs Super grippy surface

ProGym Flexiband

Piece from 34,90 €
(tax incl.)
The ProGym Flexiband in the eye-catching colors neon orange and neon yellow is up to 100% stretchable and offers a variety of uses in school, club and leisure. Material 80% polyester, 20% spandex. Velcro fasteners make it quick and easy to attach the tape to game posts and other attachment points. The loop length is 60 cm. The textile ProGym Flexiband is lightfast, weatherproof and washable. The tape is supplied including reel for safe storage and thanks to its versatility should not be missing in any gym, or daycare center. In addition, the ProGym Flexiband can also be used for swimming training. Details: Best visibility thanks to red-yellow luminous color. Water & weather resistant Washable Extendable up to about twice its length Easy to connect multiple tapes together Practical winding device 80% polyester and 20% elastane Application areas: Schools Clubs Leisure Hobby & Family In and outdoor

Basketball aluminum backboard

Piece from 647,90 €
(tax incl.)
Made of extremely stable aluminum dropside profiles. Absolutely weatherproof and indestructible. Painted white with black target square and holes for basket mounting. The delivery is made without basket and net freight collect ex works.

Basketball single column steel tube plant 10 x 10 cm for boards 180 x 120 cm

Piece from 495,90 €
(tax incl.)
Very stable BENZ Basketball outdoor single-post system made of strong-walled square steel tube (10 x 10 cm), including board holder for setting in concrete. The system is designed for a board size of 180 x 120 cm. The delivery takes place without, board, basket, net, ground socket and column cushion freight collect ex works.

Colibri Supersoft Basketball

Piece from 48,90 €
(tax incl.)
The super soft texture of the foamed material avoids painful ball contacts. For children, therapy, rehabilitation and seniors sport. Durable, durable and always nachregulierbar through the needle valve.

Basketball wall framework

Piece from 799,89 €
(tax incl.)
In steel tube construction, with diagonal stiffening, laterally pivotable. Locking in gaming position medium actuating rod from the ground. cm for receiving a target board 180 x 120th r Korbaufnahmenach fu with crossbeam? provision. Without actuating rod, board, hoop and net.

Baskeball unit LittleShot 770-200 (3x3)

(tax incl.)
The LittleShot 770-200 basketball system complies with EN 1270 standard. The portable basketball system is designed for the 3x3 game. The system can be adjusted to 3 game heights (2.25 m, 2.60 m, 3.05 m), whereby the overhang also changes. The Plexiglas target board has the dimensions 180 x 105 cm and is firmly connected to the powder-coated steel structure. The installation is set up by purely manual operation and does not require a power connection. The MicroShot 770-200 is equipped with robust nylon rollers for easy transport. Secure mesh attachment prevents finger injuries. Delivery including basket, net and system cushion. Cost-effective, lightweight system with good price and performance ratio. The system must also be secured against tilting for play operation. Specifications: Basket heights and overhang: 3.05 m = 82.5 cm 2.60 m = 61.5 cm 2.25 m = 45.0 cm Plexiglass target board 180 x 105 cm Dimensions play position at 305 cm play height (w x h x d): 124.4 x 380 x 223 cm Injury-proof net attachment Including system padding Weight 450 kg Complies with standard EN-1270 Delivery non-free from factory!

Transportable basketball unit MicroShot 770

(tax incl.)
Transportable basketball unit MicroShot 770 according to FIBA Level 3 and DIN EN 1270. Steel construction – powder coated. Laminated backboard with dimensions 180 x 105 cm, target and border lines painted by silk-screen printing method. Delivery includes stand paddings. Specifications: Extension arm 125 cm. Low budget portable unit. Manual operation (no power source required). Move on wheels (nylon wheels). Very compact sizes in storage position 1800 x 3100 mm, height 2600 mm. Possibility to set the rim at four heights – 2.40 m, 2.60 m, 2.80 m and 3.05 m.

Mobil basketball unit MiniShot 780

(tax incl.)
Basketball unit MiniShot 780 produced according to EN 1270 and FIBA Level 3. The portable basketball system Minishot 780 can be adjusted to 3 game heights: 2.60 m, 2.80 m, 3.05 m. Delivery including basket, net, system padding and target board padding. The system must also be secured against tilting for play operation. This requires the appropriate floor anchorages or additional weights! Specifications: Overhang 229 cm Basket height 260 cm, 280 cm, 305 cm Target board (safety glass) 180 x 105 cm Bearing dimensions (W x L x H): 183 x 396 x 198 cm Dimensions play position at 305 cm play height (W x L x H): 1.83 x 5.0 x approx. 4.0 m Target board thickness 10 mm Injury-proof net attachment Including equipment padding Including target board padding Weight 450 kg According to EN-1270 According to FIBA Level 3 standard Delivery non-free from factory!

Transportable Basketball unit MacShot 790

(tax incl.)
The MacShot 790 is a professional, transportable basketball unit accordingto FIBA Level 1 standard. The steel construction is powder coated and equipped with robust nylon wheels for moving. The operation and the construction are carried out manually via a crank mechanism. No power connection is required for the system. The system is fixed in the play position with buckles, which additionally stabilizes the system and also withstands aggressive slam dunking. The target board consists of 10 mm thick tempered glass with aluminum frame. Secure net attachment prevents finger injuries. Delivery including basket, net, system padding and target board padding. < br > < br > < b > Specifications: < br > < br > < ul > < li > Overhang 325 cm < li > Basket height 305 cm < li > Backboard (safety glass) 180 x 105 cm < li > Dimensions folded (W x L x H): 183.5 x 485 x 194 cm < li > Dimensions assembled (W x L x H): 180 x 500 x 200 cm < li > Backboard thickness 10 mm < li > Secure net attachment < li > Including stand padding < li > Includes backboard padding < li > Weight 1150 kg < li > Checked after EN-1270 < li > According to FIBA Level 1 standard < br > < br > < b > Delivery non-free from factory!

Mobil basketball unit 795 LITESHOT

(tax incl.)
Mobile basketball equipment Lite 795 according to FIBA Level 1 and EN - 1270. Target board made of 10 mm tempered glass. Extension arm 325 cm. Height adjustable positions: 260 cm and 305 cm. Manual operation. Dimensions basketball unit folded ( L x W x H): 183,5 x 503 x168 cm, dimensions basketball unit assembled ( L x W x H): 500 x180 x170 cm, weight approx. 700 kg. Delivery carriage forward ex manufacturer's works. 2-3 persons + forklift are required.

Protective pads for basketball facilities

(tax incl.)
Secure your basketball facilities with the column protection pad. The pad is an indispensable aid for player safety. Details: Made of PE material For 98 x 142 mm profile Cover with Velcro fasteners Approx. 2 m long Delivery carriage forward ex works.

Basketball backboard padding

Piece from 142,90 €
(tax incl.)
The upholstery for basketball goal boards is standard to minimise the risk of injury during the game. Product features: For attachment to the lower edge of the target board Suitable for a board width of 180 cm Available thicknesses: 12 / 20 / 36 / 65 mm Made in one piece Made of PE foam

Schelde SAM 3x3

(tax incl.)
Schelde SAM 3x3, outdoor basketball facility for high-class 3x3 events according to FIBA standard. Projection of 225 cm. Mobile system with "SAM" and "APF" for easy, quick and safe installation of the system. 100% detached due to extra weight in the base. cm at 180 ° Dunkring and glass backboard 180 x 105 cm. Integrated wireless 12 seconds display is optionally available.