Smashing, digging, hitting - with our various Volleyball-equipment you are ready for every match, whether indoors or on sand. We have volleyballs for school sports, training, competition and for leisure.
We also have a wide range of products from our own production, such as volleyball net posts, nets, transport carts, ground sockets, suspension and tensioning devices, referee platforms and much more.

Volleyball net posts CLUB DVV2

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The BENZ Volleyball Net Post Club with its patented tensioning mechanism is used in competitions in the premier league, state and association leagues as well as in the district leagues. The Professional net post is also suitable for beach volleyball courts. Details: Available in three colours: silver anodised, red and yellow powder-coated Strong-walled special aluminium profile 80 x 80 mm Tested according to EN 1271 GS by TÜV Austria Internal and galvanised clamping mechanism without protruding parts Fast and safe tensioning due to tensioning winch (tensioning side) with high thread pitch Integrated optical net tension indicator Net is continuously height-adjustable and can be fixed by means of a clamping mechanism Supplied without net and ground sockets Two net posts (1x each on the hook-in and tensioning side) are required for the assembly of a volleyball system Packaging unit 1 piece

Volleyball Multi post Quick + Easy DVV2

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The Einhängepfosten consists of special aluminum profile 80 x 80 mm. It is used for fast, safe clamping of the networks and is equipped with a glued-level scale for the main ball sports. Total weight about 15 kg. According to EN 1271. Delivery without ground sleeves.

Mikasa Volleyball VS170W Y BL

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Mikasa Volleyball VS170W Y BL, blue / yellow, Gr. 5, circumference 65 - 67 cm, weight 170-180 g, children ball from 4 years, 18-panel construction, laminated, very soft foam surface (EVA)

Mikasa Volleyball VS123W-SL

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Mikasa Volleyball VS123W-SL, blue / yellow, Gr. 5, scale 65-67 cm, weight 200 - 220 g, soft round ball for children over 6 years, reduced weight, soft surface material (EVA)

Mikasa Volleyball V330W

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Mikasa Volleyball V330W, blue / yellow, Gr. 5, circumference 65 - 67 cm, weight 260-280 g, competition and training volleyball, DVV2 Mark, 18-panel construction, synthetic leather surface, simple Butylgummiblase

Mikasa Volleyball V200W-DVV

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Mikasa Volleyball V200W-DVV, blue / yellow, Gr. 5, circumferential 65-67 cm, weight 260 - g 280 official ball of the World Association (FIVB), 18-panel construction, quality microfiber synthetic leather, Double-Dimple "technology, nano Balloon silica anti-welding function, Double layered Butylgummiblase

MIKASA Volleyball V345W

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The official DVJ school tournament ball from MIKASA comes in the same perfectly balanced aerodynamic panel design as the official competition balls from Mikasa. The V345W is ideal for children and young people from the age of 8 in school (lower and middle school) and clubs. The ball cover is made of high quality synthetic leather (Aero material) and is machine sewn. The material offers an excellent grip and facilitates the volleyball game. The weight-reduced volleyball V345W is also very suitable for beach volleyball in schools and clubs. Due to its quality features, the school volleyball was awarded the category "FIVB inspected" by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and also the official test seal by the DVV. Product specifications: Official DVJ (German Volleyball Youth) school tournament match ball Competition and training volleyball for indoor and beach use Ball circumference 65 - 67 cm Weight reduced (200 - 220 g) Good dimensional and seam stability Age recommendation: 8 - 12 years Range of application: School Sports Club Sports

Magnetic tactics board Universal

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Plastic folder with foil trays and technical for the magnetic game symbols. 9 Fields printed on unbreakable, white, magnetic, and can be wiped film for 9 sports. Football, handball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, hockey, rugby, American football and tennis, as well as a blank whiteboard.

Wall play rail

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Wall play rail C-profile, made of galvanized steel, 28 x 28 mm, for dowelling, with extended, adjustable screw-on lugs for wall mounting. For flush installation in side and end walls of sports halls. With 2 adjustable net eyelets. For tensioning a net, the optionally available spindle tensioning winch is required. GS tested by TÜV AUSTRIA.

Auswechseltafel Set

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The set consists of two classic substitution boards in red and green. The turning over of the numbers on the panels allows easy handling for loading and substitution of players. The number sequence ranges from the number 1 to the number 30 red for the player who leaves the game and green for the player who comes in.

Volleyball umpire's chair Standard

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Stable tubular steel construction in modern synthetic resin paint fixed standing platform, height 120 cm. Platform is firmly connected to a clamping device with the volleyball column, characterized absolutely stable. Easy transport through two built-in wheels.