Bounce Ball

Whether as a school sport, senior sport or professional sport. The team sport of prellball enjoys a loyal fan base.
With our help you will find the right prellball ball for your next match!

BENZ prellball stand

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BENZ tubular steel construction with heavy steel weight, according to regulations. Weight about 18 kg / stand. Without time-line.

Webbing for 4's Prellball

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The Prellball webbing for teams of 4 is made of plastic coated nylon fabric and is extremely durable. Tape length 8 m band width approx. 2.5 cm with loops on both sides

Webbing for 2's Prellball

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The Prellball webbing for teams of 2 is made of plastic coated nylon fabric and is extremely durable. Tape length 6 m Band width approx. 2.5 cm With loops on both sides

Original BENZ Multiball

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The original BENZ Multiball is a versatile playing ball that offers the highest level of robustness and diverse applications. Whether in school sports, for games like dodgeball, tagball, or as a methodology ball in various sports such as football, volleyball, or handball - this ball impresses with its versatile uses. The outer layer is made of durable rubber, which is mounted on a sturdy nylon carcass to ensure optimal durability. The Multiball stands out not only for its robustness but also for its excellent bouncing characteristics. It is a training ball that bounces exceptionally well and is ideal for various sports. Moreover, the Multiball can also be used in water, further increasing its versatility. With the special valve, the ball can be quickly and easily inflated, ensuring optimal playability. Specifications: Versatile playing ball High level of robustness Durable rubber outer layer on a sturdy nylon carcass Excellent bouncing characteristics Suitable for various sports Can be used in water Features a special valve for easy inflation

Super Multi Stand

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Affixed measuring scale with markings for :. Prellball, 2 / 4p (35/40 cm). Tennis (107 cm). Tenniquoits (150 cm). Badminton (155 cm). Fistball (200 cm). Women volleyball (224 cm). Volleyball Men (243 cm)

Multi-game stand

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Mobile, free-standing, ground sleeve-independent multi-game system for Prellball, tennis, ring tennis, badminton, and volleyball Fistball.

Volleyball Multi post Quick + Easy DVV2

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The Einhängepfosten consists of special aluminum profile 80 x 80 mm. It is used for fast, safe clamping of the networks and is equipped with a glued-level scale for the main ball sports. Total weight about 15 kg. According to EN 1271. Delivery without ground sleeves.