The sport of headball table tennis was invented in 2006 by René Wegner, a sports student from Saarbrücken at the time, in the "Wesch", an outdoor swimming pool in Kaiserslautern. As the football court was occupied but the table tennis table was free, they started to play the ball over the net using only their heads.
As part of his sports studies, René Wegner then developed the sport of headball table tennis further from 2007 onwards and at the same time created a complex event and marketing concept for it. He gave this event and marketing concept the name "HEADIS". Since then, he has accompanied the sport of header table tennis with his "HEADIS" concept, whose logo and name are also protected under trademark and brand law.

Headis network in Gym Bag

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The Headis network gets her now in cool gym bag! So not only is the total weight extremely light, you can stow it, of course, still ball, pump, or simply use the bag the next transition to the lake.

BENZ Table Tennis Header Starter Set

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BENZ Table Tennis Header Starter Set, table tennis (incl. Table tennis net), Headis ball and a ball pump are included in the set. When the table is the Sponeta S7-23 from the Profiline series. Delivery table tennis table is ex factory.

Through its inclusion in several university sports programmes, the sport of header table tennis quickly established itself at over 20 universities nationwide. Through the event and tournament series created alongside it by René Wegner, header table tennis gained a gratifyingly high profile. In 2010, the "HEADIS" concept even won the brandnew award at ISPO. Worldwide invitations for "HEADIS" shows, e.g. to Las Vegas (USA) or Shanghai (China) followed. A special highlight was the "TV Total HEADIS Special" on Pro7 in October 2014. Stefan Raab liked the concept so much that he did not miss the opportunity to record a second "TV Total HEADIS Special" in October 2015 shortly before his TV farewell!
Due to the extensive media presence of the "HEADIS" concept in various channels all over the world, the number of head ball table tennis players has continued to increase. Currently, the number of players worldwide is estimated at around 80,000 in 2017.