BB Outdoor Hoops

Basketball hoops for every requirement in the outdoor area. The baskets are painted to be weatherproof and have a standardized design in accordance with DIN EN 1270. Depending on the area of use, basketball baskets are available in standard orange or in a particularly weather-resistant hot-dip galvanized finish. The vandal-proof outdoor baskets, Super stable, are ideal for particularly stressed areas of application.

Basketball Outdoor basket (removable)

(tax incl.)
Basketball basket, removable, hot dip galvanized, by international regulations, with safety net hooks, incl. Retaining plate with lateral guide in which the basket is pushed in, the locking screw against unintentional lifting, incl. Fastening screws. No power.

Basket assurance for basketball hoop

(tax incl.)
Heavy duty, galvanized. The massive bar is simply pushed onto the basketball hoop, secured with a bolt and completed with a safety lock. Prevents temporarily as during rest periods or overnight in residential areas recording on basketball equipment.