BB Indoor Hoops

Basketball hoops for every requirement in the indoor area. The baskets have the standardized design according to DIN EN 1270. Depending on the area of application, basketball baskets are available in the rigid basic version or in various weight classes that can be folded down using springs. The use of the vandalism-proof baskets in the super stable version is ideal for particularly stressed areas of application.

SPALDING Slam Dunk® Precision 180 Goal

(tax incl.)
SPALDING SLAM-DUNK PRECISION 180 Goal Basketball hoop with steel wire net attachment. Adjustable reflex mechanism to meet NCAA rebound resiliency requirements. Easy net attachment with the Easy-Glide device on the front of the ring. Specifications: Official basket of the 2023 NCAA Final Four SPALDING anti-whip basketball net included Mounting material included Easy-Glide net-system Steel wire mesh attachment For indoor use Surface orange lacquered

Basketball Indoor basket removable

(tax incl.)
Basketball basket, removable, coated, according to international regulations, with safety net hooks, incl. Retaining plate with lateral guide in which the basket is pushed in, the locking screw against unintentional lifting, incl. Fastening screws. No power.

Basketball Indoor basket Official

(tax incl.)
Top basket with gas springs and novel network attachment (steel wire) without eyelets or hooks. Steamed hinged at 1050 N load.. Mounting holes to DIN 7899th replacement for EN and DIN systems, thus virtually no modifications possible.