BB Wall Racks

BENZ basketball wall framework with stem

Piece from 773,90 €
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Steel tube base, laterally pivotable, with diagonal bracing, without height adjustment. Simple operation of the system with a push rod from the ground. The system is automatically locked by means of pressure pin and detent spring in play and storage position.

Ball practice facilities (dunkingfähig)

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The BENZ ball throwing practice facility offers the ultimate training experience for basketball enthusiasts. Designed to be rigid and dunking-capable, this system is made from a sturdy, fully welded tubular steel construction that is attached directly to the wall. The robust 50 cm distance from the wall enables intensive training with a real playing feeling. The galvanized surface guarantees durability and durability. Although the board, basket and net are not included, the system offers flexibility in choosing your preferred equipment. With a recommended board size of 120 x 90 cm, the BENZ ball throwing practice system is the perfect addition to any training environment. Specifications: Rigid and dunking capable Robust tubular steel construction Galvanized, painted surface 50 cm distance from wall Fully welded and stable For board size 120 x 90 cm Weight: 12kg Area of application: School Club Indoor and outdoor

Basketball wall framework Triple Cross

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Optimum optical and architectural integration of the plant in the current hall, since at rest and ready to play, extended state no protruding parts protrude above the target board out. The operation of the locking device is carried out with an operator rod. For target board sizes 180 x 120 cm and 180 cm x 105 suitable. Delivery without backboard, hoop and net. Standard paint: BENZ Green

Basketball wall framework Double Cross

(tax incl.)
Basketball wall rack with new support link. The system is centrally driven back from extended position against the wall. Optimum optical and architectural integration, since no projecting parts in both positions. Two novel locking lever which are pivotally coupled via a hinge connection allowing to date not reached stability. Standard finish: BENZ Green

Basketball wall framework

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In steel tube construction, with diagonal stiffening, laterally pivotable. Locking in gaming position medium actuating rod from the ground. cm for receiving a target board 180 x 120th r Korbaufnahmenach fu with crossbeam? provision. Without actuating rod, board, hoop and net.