Mikasa Volleyball V300W-AT-TR

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Training ball specially designed for attack and block training. Details: Size 5 Circumference 65-67 cm, weight 260-280 g Official weight and size Quality and construction like Mikasa Volleyball V200W For highest demands

Mikasa Volleyball VS123W

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The Mikasa VS233W is the perfect volleyball for training, school and leisure. As an all-rounder with good robustness and soft surface, it is ideal for beginners from 6 years. Product details: yellow / blue size 5 official weight and size circumference 65-67 cm weight 260 - 280 g FIVB awarded EVA surface made of 18 panels.

Molten Stellerball V5M9000-M

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The Molten V5M9000-M was developed specifically for positional training - pass training and is heavier than the current game balls with its 400 g. Details: Size 5 Made of non-slip and soft synthetic leather Extra heavy weight Specially designed for passing game training

Molten Volleyball V5M5000

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Specifications: Top match ball Super soft synthetic leather Honeycomb structure Flistatec® technology for stable flight performance Excellent playing characteristics FIVB APPROVED DVV1 certification Area of Use: Indoor

Mikasa Volleyball VS170W Y BL

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Mikasa Volleyball VS170W Y BL, blue / yellow, Gr. 5, circumference 65 - 67 cm, weight 170-180 g, children ball from 4 years, 18-panel construction, laminated, very soft foam surface (EVA)

Mikasa Volleyball VS123W-SL

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Mikasa Volleyball VS123W-SL, blue / yellow, Gr. 5, scale 65-67 cm, weight 200 - 220 g, soft round ball for children over 6 years, reduced weight, soft surface material (EVA)

Mikasa Volleyball V330W

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Mikasa Volleyball V330W, blue / yellow, Gr. 5, circumference 65 - 67 cm, weight 260-280 g, competition and training volleyball, DVV2 Mark, 18-panel construction, synthetic leather surface, simple Butylgummiblase

Mikasa Volleyball V200W-DVV

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Mikasa Volleyball V200W-DVV, blue / yellow, Gr. 5, circumferential 65-67 cm, weight 260 - g 280 official ball of the World Association (FIVB), 18-panel construction, quality microfiber synthetic leather, Double-Dimple "technology, nano Balloon silica anti-welding function, Double layered Butylgummiblase

MIKASA Volleyball V345W

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The official DVJ school tournament ball from MIKASA comes in the same perfectly balanced aerodynamic panel design as the official competition balls from Mikasa. The V345W is ideal for children and young people from the age of 8 in school (lower and middle school) and clubs. The ball cover is made of high quality synthetic leather (Aero material) and is machine sewn. The material offers an excellent grip and facilitates the volleyball game. The weight-reduced volleyball V345W is also very suitable for beach volleyball in schools and clubs. Due to its quality features, the school volleyball was awarded the category "FIVB inspected" by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and also the official test seal by the DVV. Product specifications: Official DVJ (German Volleyball Youth) school tournament match ball Competition and training volleyball for indoor and beach use Ball circumference 65 - 67 cm Weight reduced (200 - 220 g) Good dimensional and seam stability Age recommendation: 8 - 12 years Range of application: School Sports Club Sports

BENZ Fairtrade Volleyball School Light II

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A cool training volleyball at a fair price. Specially designed for learning techniques, this indoor volleyball is 25% lighter than a competition ball.Details: Official size: size 5 Circumference 65-67 cm Ideal for beginners' training

Reaction volleyball

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The reaction volleyball is perfect for volleyball training as its trajectory is not easy to control due to the offset centre of gravity. Product features: Ø 21 cm Made of synthetic rubber With offset centre of gravity Promotes reaction and speed

KOGELAN coated foam ball VOLLEYBALL

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Ein idealer Einsteigerball für den Schulsport. Thanks to its extra soft surface, misplaced passes or body hits remain painless. Details: Size 5 Good bounce Can be used indoors and outdoors Very soft surface

BENZ Fairtrade Learning volleyball Big Light

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The BENZ training volleyball Big Light offers an easy introduction to the sport of volleyball. In addition to its lighter weight, this volleyball is 15% larger than a conventional training ball. Details: Circumference: approx. 75 cm PU synthetic leather with integrated latex bladder 15% larger than a conventional volleyball