Volleyball Equipment

Magnetic tactics board Universal

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Plastic folder with foil trays and technical for the magnetic game symbols. 9 Fields printed on unbreakable, white, magnetic, and can be wiped film for 9 sports. Football, handball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, hockey, rugby, American football and tennis, as well as a blank whiteboard.

Auswechseltafel Set

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The set consists of two classic substitution boards in red and green. The turning over of the numbers on the panels allows easy handling for loading and substitution of players. The number sequence ranges from the number 1 to the number 30 red for the player who leaves the game and green for the player who comes in.

Volleyball umpire's chair Standard

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Stable tubular steel construction in modern synthetic resin paint fixed standing platform, height 120 cm. Platform is firmly connected to a clamping device with the volleyball column, characterized absolutely stable. Easy transport through two built-in wheels.

Wall play rail

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BENZ Playing rail C-profile 28 x 28 mm made of galvanized steel for doweling to the wall and flush installation in side and end walls of sports halls. An excellent space-saving possibility to fix nets, cords etc. in the hall directly to the hall wall. For fastening of cords the wall rail is equipped with two adjustable eyelets. For tensioning a net we recommend the optionally available spindle tensioning winch. Suitable for many sports like volleyball, fistball, etc. GS certified by TÜV AUSTRIA.


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BENZ device holder / hanging device for wall mounting. This robust hanging device made of solid, galvanized steel is specially designed for wall mounting net hangers. With a hook length of 100 mm, it offers a practical and safe solution for storing sports and gymnastics equipment. The hanging device made of solid, galvanized steel is perfect for safely and permanently wall mounting and storing sports and training equipment. With a hook length of 10 cm, it offers enough space for a wide range of accessories. Specifications: Material: Solid and durable steel Surface: Galvanized for optimal longevity Hook length: 10 cm Number of fixing points: 2 holes Area of application: School Clubs Leisure

Volleyball umpire's chair Exclusive

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Sturdy tubular steel construction in modern synthetic paint and easy height adjustment of the standing platform of 120-150 cm. Pedestal is connected with a clamping device having the volleyball column, characterized absolutely stable. Easy transportation 2 built wheels. Has been tested by the volleyball Review Committee and recommended.

Spindle tensioning winch

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Closed steel construction for standard post with Ø 76 mm for linear cable tension - no tension cable wear. For security senior volleyball facilities should be upgraded to this fixture.

BENZ Safety pad for volleyball net posts

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The BENZ beach volleyball column safety pad ensures optimum protection for the player. The pad can be used in volleyball facilities in halls and for beach volleyball facilities. Details: Length 2 m Weatherproof and stable cover With 3 webbing straps for fastening Pad can be pulled apart to operate the tensioning mechanism Available for various post profiles

Netzaufwickel cars

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Is permanently fixed, collapsible steel construction for easy, fast and effective assembly and disassembly of Badminton and Volleyball Long net assets.

Tension rope protection pad for volleyball nets

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Tension rope protection pads for volleyball nets. The rope protection pads are used to cushion the lateral tensioning ropes on the beach volleyball net. The cords stretched between the net posts and the net can be covered with these pads to increase protection for athletes. The pads consist of a PU foam and a PVC tarpaulin fabric cover glued to it. They are slit lengthwise for easy attachment to the ropes. They are fastened with 4 narrow rings of tarpaulin fabric, which have to be slipped over the tensioning ropes beforehand. Specifications: Length 68 cm Diameter 47 cm Material PU foam Cover PVC tarpaulin fabric (yellow)

MIKASA Trainingsboard AC-RT200W

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The AC-RT200W training board by MIKASA is the perfect training accessory for all volleyball players to learn and improve their lower intake and passing skills. Product details: Volleyball training device Protects against sore forearms Achieves quick learning success in a playful way Dimensions (W x L x H: 40 x 60 x 50 cm) Weight: 750 g