Volleyball Nets

Volleyball tournament net Smash DVV1 4mm

(tax incl.)
Topmodell (knots) with 4 mm polypropylene, 6-point suspension (according to international regulation), Kevlar rope (about 5 mm, 11.7 m long) and pulleys. Improves uniform tension of the network because the network and Kevlar rope be tensioned simultaneously.

Volleyball tournament net DVV2 3mm

(tax incl.)
3 mm polypropylene, knotless, with steel cable, Ø 4 mm, 11.7m long. 4-point suspension with 4 guy lines and quick release. Top PES webbing, 70 mm wide. Below PES webbing, 50 mm wide. Laterally stitched stabilizing bars. Mesh size 100 mm. Network measurement 9.5 m x 1 m. According to international standard.