The sport of "Korbball" is exclusively represented in Germany and is played as a competitive sport exclusively by women and girls.

Basketball stand

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Tubular steel design with steel base Ø 59 cm, hoop and net, according to regulations. In the amount from 2.0 to 2.5 m adjustable. Weight 13.2 kg

Competition basketball stand

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Stable Professional type, painted steel tube construction according to guidelines of the competition DTB, basket height 250 cm. Can be both in the halls means concreted floor and indoor sleeve adapter, also be operated as having an outdoor adapter in the field. Please depending on the use to be ordered separately.

Indoor adapter

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With the indoor adapter, you can set up the BENZ competition basket ball stand in suitable ø 44 mm ground sockets in the hall. Details: Made of tubular steel Suitable for ground sockets with an inner diameter of 44 mm. A fixed ground socket is required for use Supplied without ground sleeve

Outdoor Adapter netball

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With solid steel tip and depth stop plate for accurate compliance with the height of the basket. Suitable for competition basketball stand Art. No. 9,617th


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Square tube construction (telescopic), 300-350 cm-adjustable, rattan Ø 40 cm, according to regulations. Steel base plate 75 x 75 cm.