Beach Handball

BENZ Beach Handball Goal
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With the BENZ beach handball goal, you can bring handball outdoors. The 3 x 2 m goal is firmly concreted into the ground with ground sockets and the court is filled with sand. Details: Dimensions (H x W) 3 x 2 m Post and batten made of special aluminium profile 80 x 80 mm. Silver anodised surface Standing in ground sockets Net hoops firmly screwed to goalposts With tube end caps and plastic net hooks Supplied without net and ground sockets. Also available painted in other colours on request. Please contact us for your desired paint finish.
Small Field Goal Taped Corner
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3 x 2 m, posts and crossbar made of special aluminum profile, 8 x 8 cm standing in ground sockets, taped corner. Surface silver anodized. Galvanized, firmly bolted to the goal post net hoop. Complete with pipe end caps and plastic net hooks. and without power. Ground sockets.
Base Frame Galvanized
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Free-standing Handball gates. Dimensions of the frame 3 m wide and 2 m deep. Optimal use of free positioning during training. 3-piece hot-dip galvanized steel frame, for easy mounting of gates, with attached at the gates of fixing lugs. In the case of other manufacturers must laterally drilled. The rear Bottom Weight is intended for sand filling and equipped with carrying handles for easy transport.
Chain Weights
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Handball goal nets with bilateral tether. Chain, 800 g / m, is located in a plastic tube, which is woven by the lower meshes of the net.
Beach Handball Courtlines Professional
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27 x 12 m, professional version includes: 2 bands side lines A 27 m, 2 bands goallines á 12m, 2 bands crease lines mm á 12m reinforced PP webbing 50, 8 glass fiber reinforced plastic corner elements DBGM, 8 sand anchor plates with bungee tensioning line. Red color.
Beach Handball Courtlines Hobby
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Beachhandball pitch boundary 27 x 12 m, with adjustable standard plastic corner elements according to DBGM. The lines are made of 50 mm wide Polyestergurtbändern. Complete with bungee tendons and sand anchor plates. The color of the ribbons is dark blue.
Mounting Frame
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For digging in the sand. The frame a ground sleeve to set a Beach Handball gate and two sand anchor plates welded from sheet steel. Goals are stable and easy to assemble: first In Frame size sand ausbuddeln2. Frame legen3. Setting the gate and ausrichten4. zufüllen frame with sand
Anti-tipping Ground Anchor
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As a retrofit kit for portable soccer goals, spec. special two screws or spiral, very stable ground anchors. Complete with fasteners for retrofitting. Profile cross section please specify when ordering.