Here you will find everything a referee needs: whistleslinesman flagsdiscipline cards and much more. up to the referee's chair.

Referee Set League

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Referee Set League x 15 cm in size 19 fitted with everything a referee needs! With extra compartments for report form.

Volleyball umpire's chair Standard

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Stable tubular steel construction in modern synthetic resin paint fixed standing platform, height 120 cm. Platform is firmly connected to a clamping device with the volleyball column, characterized absolutely stable. Easy transport through two built-in wheels.

BENZ badminton referee chair

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The BENZ referee chair is specially crafted for badminton sports. Our steel tube construction, painted in white and equipped with a writing board, combined with a red plastic shell seat, ensures not only top-notch robustness but also an appealing aesthetic on the playing field. The well-thought-out design allows for effortless folding, ideal for space-saving storage and easy transport. Whether at a professional level or during recreational play – with our referee chair, you achieve an outstanding seating position, enhanced by the comfort provided by the red plastic shell seat. The integrated writing board allows referees to precisely note scores and other important information, keeping a close eye on the match. Specifications: Steel tube construction, painted in white Plastic seat, red Dimensions (W x H x D) 90 x 185 x 115 Weight 30 kg GS certified by TÜV AUSTRIA

BENZ Sport Hand whistle

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Whistle integrated into a soft PVC balloon. The whistling sound is made by pressing on the balloon. This means there is no longer any risk of infection from transmitted bacteria. Assorted colors, weight 100 g. Dimensions: Diameter: 7 cm Height: 12 cm Properties & Features: Application location: Indoor & Outdoor Material: Polyurethane Color: Red Weight: ca 60 g

International referee set soccer

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Model International soccer in large size 19 x 26 cm. Spezifikationen: 1 FOX Classic whistle 1 FOX Mini whistleli> 1 whistle Ladino1 sweatband 1 neon red and 1 neon yellow disciplinary card 5 game note cards 1 voting coin 1 ballpoint pen 1 pencil with clip 1 notepad 1 receipt block

Referee Set International handball

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Model Handball International in large size 19 x 26 cm. Specifications: Folder dimensions19 x 26 cm 1 blue, 1 neon red and 1 neon yellow disciplinary card 5 game note cards1 pencil with clip1 notepad1 voting coin1 ballpoint pen1 sweatband1 whistle Ladino1 FOX Mini whistleli>1 FOX Classic whistle

The whistle makes the difference! Referee accessories at Benz Sport 

How do you make yourself heard in the middle of a packed sports stadium, surrounded by loudly discussing team members? Correct: with a whistle. However, the whistle is not the only referee accessory that Benz Sport offers you. 

In a nutshell: What to expect in this article 

What referee accessories does Benz Sport carry? 

Referee, linesman, scorekeeper, referee - the impartial referees exist in almost every sport. Referees ensure fairness and watch the athletes very closely. Referee podiums and chairs give you the necessary overview. Whistles, discipline cards and flags ensure visibility and audibility. Combined in practical sets, Benz Sport equips you - for every conceivable sport. 

Who are the referee accessories aimed at? 

Referees for soccer, volleyball and tennis will find the largest selection. But we at Benz Sport are also happy to equip other referees. Please contact us if you miss an article in our assortment! Of course, clubs and associations, schools and other institutions can also order referee accessories from Benz Sport. 


  • - Equipped for all cases: referee accessories from whistles to cards and flags to notepads.
  • - Buy referee accessories from the specialist
  • - Online: Everything from one source
  • - FAQ - frequently asked questions

Equipped for all cases: Referee accessories from whistles to cards and flags to notepads 

What does the referee in soccer, handball, volleyball or other sports actually need? Referees and judges must be clearly recognizable by their clothing and clearly distinguishable from the players. In addition, the referees need: 

  • - Referee whistle
  • - Discipline card sets
  • - flags
  • - Referee watches

Depending on the sport, scoring pads, observation sheets and log sheets or other accessories may be useful. At Benz Sport, we strive to always have your referee equipment in stock. If you still miss a product in our online store, please contact us. 

In volleyball as well as in tennis the court halves are clearly separated. Referees can not run after the ball here. To be able to see everything, elevated observation points are necessary. Benz Sport provides referee chairs and platforms. Just stand or sit above the action and keep an overview! 

Buy referee accessories from the specialist 

Since 1907 Benz Sport has been providing high quality sports equipment to schools, clubs and associations throughout Germany. As a family-run company now in its fourth generation, we are proud to be able to provide equipment, accessories and facilities for almost every type of sport. Many of the products in our range come from our own production: we still maintain a locksmith's shop, carpenter's workshop and saddlery in Winnenden in Baden-Württemberg. Only the equipment that we cannot manufacture here ourselves we buy in from other manufacturers. At Benz Sport you buy equipment of the highest quality! 

Online: Everything from one source 

Referee accessories are a bit special, many local specialty sporting goods retailers don't carry them. At Benz Sport you can get everything you need - beyond referee supplies far to field markings, goals and indoor equipment. These are space-consuming assortments that would require a lot of display space. Through our online store, our assortment comes directly to your school, club or home. So you don't need to come to us at all. The detailed descriptions and the illustrations in our online store give you a realistic impression of the individual articles. 

Benz Sport maintains its own truck fleet of more than 20 vehicles. Our more than 170 competent employees also include assembly teams. So your order comes to you with our own vehicles, and we even assemble everything for you. Simply order the referee accessories you need when you buy your soccer equipment!

FAQ - frequently asked questions 

What does a referee need? 

In soccer, the referee or referee definitely needs yellow and red cards in addition to the whistle. Otherwise, they cannot send off or caution the players.  

What whistles do referees in the Bundesliga use? 

The equipment used by referees in the Bundesliga is changed more frequently. As of 2021: In the Bundesliga, the Whittle Fox 40 Classic whistle is used. 

What are the duties of a referee? 

The work of referees begins long before kickoff. Before the start of the match, the referees must check the layout of the playing field, which is subject to rules. The playing equipment is checked for its condition and for conformity with the rules. The equipment of the teams including the shoes as well as the eligibility of the players are also checked. The final check is the team line-up. In order not to forget anything, the referees and judges even have a leaflet at their disposal that stops all tasks.