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Textbook Slackline

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Slackline, Handbook for leisure, schools and clubs, Demian Geyer and Christoph Kößler. This manual provides extensive knowledge on the theory and practice of slacklining: Proper construction of the Lines, problems in securing and possible dangers when margins are, inter alia, explained in detail. 21 x 14.8 cm, 216 pages, 400 images.

BRASIL® DVD "Body styling with BRASIL"

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Fitness professional Gabi Fastner has put together a program for this DVD - it's really fun, is easy to perform and takes very little time. DVD contents: Introduction & amp; Handling of the Brasil (03.30 min.), The total program (52.30 min.).

Thera-Band exercise book properly

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Properly train with the Thera-Band®. 100 top exercises with the Thera-Band, who train the entire body. Warm up exercises, stretching and relaxation. Three additional compact programs for specific training goals.

Trainingsbuch Brasil

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Strengthening - Endurance - relaxation. The training book Brasil includes extensive background and numerous exercises with the popular handsets. This book provides illustrated exercise instructions and worked-out lesson plans for physical therapists, trainers and coaches. Approximately 160 pages with 400 color photos. Author: Gabi Fastner

sling training

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Sling training - the ultimate guide to total body workout. 100 exercises from easy to difficult, all shown with detailed image sequences. This book contains 20 exercise programs, compiled by specialists. In a simple and fast way the health of the athlete is improved. Approximately 192 pages with 200 color photos. Author: Anders Berget & amp; Lennart Krohn-Hansen.

Strength training panels (set)

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8 plates for the fitness center in the A2 format (59.4 x 42 cm), 4-color. On each panel, the most important exercises for one or more muscle groups are represented and the correct practice routine described. An eye-catcher for your studio.

Book Functional Figurtraining

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Ball Cushion - Brasil - Powerball. This book describes exercises with the best equipment for functional training figure: the Dynair pillows, the TOGU Brasil's and the Powerball. Numerous exercises guarantee a varied workout. 216 pages with 438 color photos. Author: Gabi Fastner

go book unicycle - Basics and first tricks

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gives this book - illustrated by numerous pictures - the basics of unicycling step by step. The beginner learns what to look for when ascending and at the first road tests, how to avoid dangers and recognize his mistakes and correct themselves. Even workers receive tips on how they can give beginners the best assistance.

Book - The parachute as movement instrument

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Games - Suggestions - backgrounds. On 50 pages with illustrations in color here learn how to deal with the momentum towels. How they can be used in the educational work in day care centers and schools. For games theoretical information.

Climbing the boulder wall

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Authors: Jürgen Kittsteiner and Peter Neumann, 78 pages. The book gives tips on building a bouldering wall, safety information and climbing exercises and games are explained.

Book "Floorball play"

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Book "Floorball play" A reference book on Innenbandy, Unihoc, Stockey, floor hockey, floorball, all these terms refer to a fascinating new sport that has established itself now also in German schools. Authors: Mandy Erdtel and Frit Brückner

Badminton textbook

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Practical textbook all about the popular racket sport of badminton. Details: Interesting facts and rules for playing badminton Languages: German/English 42 pages

Pilates book

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Fit and balanced through the day: the favorite training celebrities, with millions of fans worldwide. Shapes the body, strengthens muscles, improves posture, teaches body awareness. Exercise programs for the whole body, for specific problem areas "and for every time budget.

Inspiration, guidance, background knowledge: sports books for trainers and coaches 

What's going on in cycling? What does fascia training look like at home? What makes the spirit of Bushidô? How do you design effective strength training without equipment? Coaches, trainers and experts can answer all these questions. Sports books can do the same. They offer expert knowledge to read at home and provide the professionals with the necessary background knowledge. 

In a nutshell: What you can expect in this article 

What topics do sports books cover? 

As in all other subject areas, sports books come in every genre. From biographies to how-to guides to historical sketches, nonfiction books provide the necessary background knowledge and interesting facts, opinions, and statements about every sport imaginable. 

Who are sports books interesting for? 

It always depends on the book. While budding sports therapists might be interested in the most varied exercises with the Thera-Band, a fifteen-year-old soccer fan will be delighted to read a biography of Schweinsteiger. Specialized literature and fiction in the field of sports is as interesting for institutions, schools, universities, and clubs as it is for trainers and coaches as well as private individuals. 


  • Textbooks, guidebooks, training plans and more.
  • Sports books for school lessons
  • Benz Sport equips you completely
  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions 

Textbooks, guidebooks, training plans and more 

Books about sports - what should you think of them? Actually, there is quite a lot of literature about sports. This may be surprising in times of multimedia guidebooks and the Internet. But in fact, new sports, training methods and equipment are still introduced via the good old book. And this applies not only to outdoor sports, but also to indoor sports. With the rising popularity of the slackline a few years ago, for example, slackline anchors for gymnasium floor sleeves found widespread distribution, as did books discussing its use in school physical education classes. The Alpine Club still trains with literature on paper when it comes to climbing, belaying and behavior in an emergency. And even the bodybuilding segment cannot do without guidebooks on nutrition, training methods and stretching exercises. 

In the category sports books you will find at Benz Sport posters with exercises, exercise sequences and entire strength training boards that you can hang up. This not only looks good in the clubhouse, but also serves as visual aids in physical education classes. 

Sports books for school lessons 

Where do physical education teachers, trainers, coaches, and therapists like therapists get new ideas? Courses are one way, literature is another. Sports books are so interesting because they are always at hand when something needs to be looked up now and then. Graphic illustrations, photographs and cross-references, the index and a proofread, carefully prepared content make sports books a reliable and, above all, practical source. 

Schools today are teaching multimedia. Digital education is supported within subjects. Many textbooks and handout materials for teachers are sensibly digitally prepared. There are DVDs to accompany the book, and content is predominantly published on DVD rather than in print. Websites and multimedia content are often connected to the books. 

Benz Sport equips you completely 

Of course, our sports books are not only aimed at schools, clubs and sports facilities. The specialized literature from renowned publishers is also of interest to private individuals. Our series of instructions for juggling is particularly popular: Why not take a break and loosen up your arms, shoulders and back as you whiz the diabolo through the air or spin the devilstick around the room! These books not only introduce you to unusual sports, but also ensure a lot of fun at school, clubs, youth centers or at the next children's birthday party. Juggling is not that easy. You train your balance, coordination and motor skills, but also speed of movement and even strength. 

At Benz Sport you get everything you need. Because we equip private individuals, companies and public institutions alike with sports equipment and accessories, literature is a natural part of it for us. This means: You get the sports equipment to the book in our online store and have everything delivered together. Benz Sport stands for the highest quality "Made in Germany". This is because our family-run company is still the sports outfitter in Germany with the largest segment of its own (with the exception of sports books - there we rely on the publishers). Your sports equipment comes to you from Sinnenden in Baden-Württemberg - climate-friendly, because we value short distances and still maintain our own production facilities here. 

Did you know that we send your equipment to you with our own fleet of trucks? The fitter is right there with you. So if you are interested in "climbing on the bouldering wall" and the gym still needs to be upgraded, Benz Sport will of course do it for you. 

FAQ - Frequently asked questions 

From which publisher can I get sports books? 

You do not have to order sports books from the publisher, you can do it with us. Many books we already have in our assortment, others we can include on request. Many sports books are published by blv, differently by Pohl-Verlag. Meyer & Meyer and Ökotopia also publish sports literature. 

Which sports books are suitable for home use? 

You choose your reference book according to the sport that is relevant to you. Then you can expect to find the right book. Guidebooks such as "Unicycling. Erste Tricks und Tipps" can also be used by schools and clubs, but are aimed more directly at those interested in unicycling. On the other hand, with titles like "Lehrbuch Badminton in der Schule" you can assume that you as a private person (special interests excluded) are not part of the target group. 

Where can I find books by athletes? 

Books by sportsmen and sportswomen can be found among our reference books. In fact, textbooks, training aids, tips and tricks are often written by experienced sportsmen and sportswomen. These are the people who not only master their sport, but would like to inspire the whole world about it. When it comes to methodology for school lessons, however, therapists and educators have an advantage as authors. This is because they often understand better how to convey content to young people in a fun way.