Weightlifting Accessories

Training Glove
Pair from 10,78 €
€15.40 -30%
(tax incl.)
Red / black, made of real goatskin. Stretchable back, half-length fingers, foam padding on the inside and Velcro fastener. With an additional 25 cm long wrist strap.
Lifting Floor
Piece from 998,01 €
(tax incl.)
Competition 4 x 4 m, about 9 cm thick, 4 pieces inserted rubber sheets, each 100 x 75 x 3 cm. Multi-layered structure made of laminated wood panels. The plant is dismantled and can also be used for events. All-round wooden frame. Without mounting.
BENZ Competition Barbell Set 50 Mm
Piece from 857,00 €
(tax incl.)
With the BENZ competition barbell sets you will find an easy entry into weightlifting and have very good equipment for weightlifting competitions. The complete sets are supplied with dumbbell bar (25 kg) and spring locks.Details: Rubberised cast iron weight plates 50 mm drill hole Barbell bar 220 cm long Incl. 2 spring locks Set available in several weight classes