Multi Gyms

Functional Training Tower B1

(tax incl.)
Functional Training Tower B1, gray / green, (L x B x H) 310 x 305 x 236 cm, the base frame 10 x 5 1 x medicine ball rebounder, 2 x recordings for medicine balls, 1 x combat and training apparatus cm, 640 kg, incl. Boxsackaufhängung , 12 x handles for pull-ups, 1 x dumbbell bar attachment with the vertical movement, 1 x Dehn station 1 x dip bracket holder for cables, 2 x bins, receptacles for 2 x sling trainer, receptacles for exercise belts, for 5-10 persons, without accessories "unfree ex works"

Multi Tower station 9 stations

(tax incl.)
Multi Tower station 9 stations, gray / silver, (L x B x H) 517 x 462 x 231 cm, kg 1050 7 x weight stack 56-92 kg each, 2 x lateral cables overhead for triceps and arm exercises, 2 x lateral cables below for biceps, shoulder exercises, 2 x inner lying adjustable cables for chest, arm and shoulder exercises, 2 x lat for the back and arm muscles, 1 x Ruderzug for the back and arm muscles, "not free from the manufacturing plant"

Full Function Gym Rack

(tax incl.)
Full Function Gym Rack, certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV - Class S, W 200 x H 230 x D 236 cm, weight 674 kg, total load capacity up to 1400 kg, colour black satin. Includes: Dumbbell rack with integrated multi-press, duo puller with plug-in weights 2 x 55 kg, multi pull-up station, lat puller, dip station, weight plate rack. The inner dimension (grip width) of the barbell to be used must be at least 125 cm. Delivery without weight plates.

Total Body Trainer B1

(tax incl.)
Full manager B1, biomechanical for total body workout with the aid of motion, parallel compression arms with multi-position handles 14-level adjustable and rotatable by 180 ° training arms, adjustable chest pad, adjustable back pad through telescope function and tilt adjustment, pneumatic height adjustable seat, comfortable hamstrings / extensors station with extra strong pad rollers weight tower with 95kg weight package, footprint L x B x H 193 x 122 x 211 cm, max. Weight load 140 kg.

Finnlo Bio Force

(tax incl.)
The Men? S Health winner kg with resistance to 100th Revolutionary TNT resistance technology: No weights, no noise, sensational even movement and lightning-fast resistance adjustment. Studio quality and sports-specific training options.

Finnlo Bio Force Extreme

(tax incl.)
The revolution in strength training. The only professional home fitness system that works with the TNT resistance system. (TNT = nitrogen technology). The cylinder filled with nitrogen and provide even resistance, work completely quiet and making any conventional weight stacks obsolete!

Weight bench Bermuda XT

(tax incl.)
Universal bench with 4x adjustable backrest. Multi-adjustable barbell rest. Butterfly adjustable for different arm lengths. Solid steel main frame 50x50 mm, silver, scratch-resistant powder-coated.

Multi-gym Autark 600

(tax incl.)
Multi-gym Autark 600 - the compact entry-level gym, as price-conscious entry into the workout. It fits into any corner and whether bench press, butterfly or leg extension, 80 kg block (16 x 5kg washers) - Cable and Cross-function ensure an effective strength training with many variants.