Functional Training Tower B1

(tax incl.)
Functional Training Tower B1, gray / green, (L x B x H) 310 x 305 x 236 cm, the base frame 10 x 5 1 x medicine ball rebounder, 2 x recordings for medicine balls, 1 x combat and training apparatus cm, 640 kg, incl. Boxsackaufhängung , 12 x handles for pull-ups, 1 x dumbbell bar attachment with the vertical movement, 1 x Dehn station 1 x dip bracket holder for cables, 2 x bins, receptacles for 2 x sling trainer, receptacles for exercise belts, for 5-10 persons, without accessories "unfree ex works"

Multifunction cable rack

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Multifunction cable rack, gray / lime green, (L x W x H) 246 x 182 x 246 cm, 650 kg, has by an elaborate range and basic exercise options which traininien all the muscles in combination or individually, a wide variety of exercises. This product is a gym for the whole body. Chest, back, legs, shoulders, biceps triceps, abdomen. Available simultaneously by multiple people. Incl. 2 x height adjustable cables with 2 x max. Weight blocks 50 kg 8 x setiliche holders for each 2 - 3 weight plates, 2 x height adjustable barbell recordings, 2 x height adjustable safety record, 3 x underlying pin holders for Battleropes, 1 x overhead Klimmzugvorrichtung including single handles, underlying device barbell insertion, without accessories "unfree ex works"

Cross Training rack B3

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Cross training rack B3, gray / lime green, (L x B x H) 241 x 247 x 305 cm, kg 430 6 x dumbbell plug tray 6 x underlying dumbbell storage for each 1-3 weights depending on size, 1 x front lying below Portable barbell slot for barbell rows, 2 x adjustable barbell racks, integrated security trays, integrated 5 scale, 2 x dumbbell, kettlebell shelves, 3 x laterally underlying Stifhalterungen, 4 x overhead hook holders, 2 x side handles, without accessories "not free from the manufacturing plant"

Power rack V.1

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Power Rack V..1.integrierte handle bars with different grip positions for pull-ups, as well as receptacles for barbell bars, safety record, 5-bin for weight plates per Page3 .L x B x H) 168 x 180 x 246 cm, 160 kg "not free from the manufacturing plant"

Full Function Gym Rack

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Full Function Gym Rack, certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV - Class S, W 200 x H 230 x D 236 cm, weight 674 kg, total load capacity up to 1400 kg, colour black satin. Includes: Dumbbell rack with integrated multi-press, duo puller with plug-in weights 2 x 55 kg, multi pull-up station, lat puller, dip station, weight plate rack. The inner dimension (grip width) of the barbell to be used must be at least 125 cm. Delivery without weight plates.