Fitness Bands

Pro Gym Fitness Tube Expander

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Pro Gym Fitness Tube ExpanderThe all-purpose classic The expander makes it possible to train every body region and muscle group quickly and effectively in the smallest of spaces in the shortest possible time. Depending on the color of the PRO GYM Tube Expander, the pulling power varies from light to extra strong. This makes the device an irreplaceable companion for daily training from beginners to professional athletes.Details: Diameter 6.5mm Length about 120 cm Weight about 100g Washable surface Variety of possible applications Colors: Green / Blue / Red / Yellow Available in 4 different colors/lengths High-quality, robust workmanship Areas of application: Suitable for fitness & therapy/rehab, schools and clubs

Rubberband XL teKstil

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The Dittmann Rubberband XL teKstil is a space-saving and ideal training tool for on the go. The closed ring connection allows for a variety of short, progressive pulling exercises. Cutting into the skin is avoided as the ring bands are 6 cm wide. Unwanted twisting of the bands is prevented by the thickness of 2 mm and the width of 6 cm. The Rubberband teKstil is washable up to 60 degrees. The maximum expansion is 200%. Material: 45% latex, 30% polyester, 25% nylon. Dimensions (W x L) 6 cm x 32 cm, material thickness 2 mm.

Superband, Jumbo Rubber

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The Dittmann Superband, Jumbo Rubber training bands made of natural rubber latex are high-quality, professional bands that enable a variety of strengthening and stabilising exercises due to their length. For example, they can be used for squats to increase the training load or for pull-ups to make the exercise easier. All bands with different tensile forces are 104 cm long and 4.5 mm thick and vary only in width.

XXL Rubberband

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The XXL Rubberband is a closed training band made of natural rubber latex in professional quality with progressive traction resistance. It allows a variety of short pulling exercises. The bands are used in many exercises to strengthen arm and leg muscles. The use in therapy and rehabilitation allows a dosed application. The band is available in different colours, material thicknesses and tensile forces. (w x l) 5 x 56 cm. colourTraction strengthw x lMaterial thicknessyellowleight5 x 56 cm0.4 mmgreenmiddle5 x 56 cm0.6 mmblueextra strong5 x 56 cm1.0 mmblackextra-extra strong5 x 56 cm1.2 mm

XL Rubberband

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The XL Rubberband is a closed training band made of natural rubber latex in professional quality with progressive traction resistance. It allows a variety of short pulling exercises. The bands are used in many exercises to strengthen arm and leg muscles. The use in therapy and rehabilitation allows a dosed application. The band is available in different colours, material thicknesses and tensile forces. (w x l) 5 x 27.5 cm.

ProGym Flexiband

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The ProGym Flexiband in the eye-catching colors neon orange and neon yellow is up to 100% stretchable and offers a variety of uses in school, club and leisure. Material 80% polyester, 20% spandex. Velcro fasteners make it quick and easy to attach the tape to game posts and other attachment points. The loop length is 60 cm. The textile ProGym Flexiband is lightfast, weatherproof and washable. The tape is supplied including reel for safe storage and thanks to its versatility should not be missing in any gym, or daycare center. In addition, the ProGym Flexiband can also be used for swimming training. Details: Best visibility thanks to red-yellow luminous color. Water & weather resistant Washable Extendable up to about twice its length Easy to connect multiple tapes together Practical winding device 80% polyester and 20% elastane Application areas: Schools Clubs Leisure Hobby & Family In and outdoor


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Original Deuserband elastic for gymnastic exercises and strengthen the muscles, including detailed exercise prospectus. Peripheral m 2, 2.9 cm wide, 0.3 mm thick.


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For more than 20 different exercises to increase endurance and shaping, firming of the abdomen, thighs, back, hips, chest and arms. Ideal opportunity for a posture correction without training expenses as of the 8 years. Color on the stock.

CM ® tape

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CM-band incl. Exercise guidance Unique exercise band, which can be varied in length and tensile strength. Patented clip-lock the tape to the body size and fitness level can be adjusted. Extremely tear-resistant, can also be used in the water. With exercise instructions.


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The Rubberband is a small but effective training tool for versatile training of different muscle groups. Details: Available in three strengths Approx. 28 cm long Made of rubber

Thera-Band® Flex Bart

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The Thera-Band® FlexBar? is a handy, easy-grip and light resistance device that finds its use in rehabilitation for strengthening of the hand and wrist, forearm and shoulder. FlexBar? is available in three 30 cm long and rising according to the diameter resistance levels.

Thera-Band exercise book properly

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Properly train with the Thera-Band®. 100 top exercises with the Thera-Band, who train the entire body. Warm up exercises, stretching and relaxation. Three additional compact programs for specific training goals.

Thera-Band® Exercise Band 2.50 m in zipper bag

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The Thera-Band® exercise band 2.50 m is a multifunctional exercise band in sports medicine, therapy, top-level as well as popular sports. Perfect for strength and endurance training. Details: 2.50 m x 12.8 cm Made from 100% natural latex In a practical bag with zipper Incl. exercise instructions Available in three strengths

Deuserband light

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However Deuserband light design as the original Deuserband with 40% reduced traction Optimum training device to build muscle after injury, illness, etc. Incl. Plastic handles.

Thera-Band Exercise Station

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Unique training system to improve endurance, strength, agility and balance. The six connection points on the non-slip plastic plate allow a variety of exercises in a 360 ° angle.

Bali impanders "athlete"

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Pressure spring 30 kp, kp effort to 170 Bali-impanders have a low resistance corresponding to the resistance of water when swimming. The handles are made schweißresistentem plastic. Supplied with instructions for use.


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Such as body Tube® However with a reinforced nylon content in the center, for use in conjunction with a stepper in the studio. In polybag with training instruction.

Training tube set, 5 resistance bands

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The training tube setThe Training Tube Set is designed for versatile use in the gym or effective training at home. The robust rubber bands can be used to perform numerous exercises with dozens of different resistance levels by simultaneously using different bands during the workout.5 resistance bands: . 5 x 8 x 1200 mm / light blue 5 x 9 x 1200 mm / yellow 6 x 9.5 x 1200 mm / red 6 x 11 x 1200 mm / grey 7 x 11 x 1200 mm / black 2x handles for the hands 2x loops for the feet 1x tie fastener 2x snap hooks 1x practical storage bag

Deuser® band Plus

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The Deuser® Band Plus is specially designed for therapists working with patients as well as athletes. The band has a length of 30 cm is available in three strengths.Product details: Width 4.0 cm, lightweight Width 5.0 cm, medium Width 6.5 cm, strong


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Versatile Gym band of polyester / polyamide fibers and a pure latex patterned Webstoffüberzug. The elastic bands are double stitched and have 8 handle loops. By reaching optimal length almost all muscle groups can be trained specifically.

Multiple Fitness Tube Set of 6

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The Multiple Fitness Tube Set of 6 offers you an intense body workout with different resistance levels for home or on the go. Product Features: Effective and intense full body workout. 6 Tubings, approx. 147 cm long (Level 1-6) Set contents: 6x Tubings (Level 1-6) 1x handles (pair) 1x hand straps (pair) 1x footstraps (pair) 1x door roller 1x exercise manual 1x bag

TheraBand High Resistance Band, set of 4

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TheraBand High Resistance Band set of 4, 104 cm long, band thickness 4 mm, - red ribbon, light / 7 kg - green ribbon, medium / 11 kg - blue ribbon, strong / 16 kg - purple ribbon estra, strong / 23 kg

Fitness resistance band

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The fitness resistance band allows you to strengthen your upper and lower body muscles in a targeted manner during progressive resistance training. It has perfect stretching properties and is available in 6 resistance strengths: light 5-16 kg medium 9-25 kg strong 11-30 kg extra strong 13-35 k super strong 23-57 kg extreme 30-80 kg

Thera-Band CLX 2 m

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The TheraBand CLX band helps you build strength for fitness and therapy as a resistance band. Thanks to the patented Easy Grip Loop system, the CLX is an exercise band, loop and tubing in one.. Details: 2 meter tape with 11 loops. Easy Grip Loop System No knots or wrapping of the tape needed Latex free Strengths: Yellow - light 1.4 kg tensile strength Red - medium 1.7 kg tensile strength Green - strong 2.1 kg tensile strength Blue - extra strong 2.6 kg tensile strength Black - special strong 3.3 kg tensile strength Silver - super strong 4.6 kg tensile strength Gold - maximum strong 6.5 kg tensile strength