Fitness Resistance Band
Fitness Resistance Band

Fitness resistance band

The fitness resistance band allows you to strengthen your upper and lower body muscles in a targeted manner during progressive resistance training. It has perfect stretching properties and is available in 6 resistance strengths:
  • light 7-15 kg
  • medium 9-25 kg
  • strong 11-30 kg
  • extra strong 13-35 k
  • super strong 23-57 kg
  • extreme 30-80 kg
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The fitness resistance band is used to strengthen the upper and lower body muscles and is versatile - whether squats, deadlifts, bench presses or pull-ups. With the fitness resistance band you achieve an effective coordination, endurance and muscle training, which addresses the most diverse muscle groups. Depending on the training intensity, the band is available in 6 different resistance strengths. For better durability, the band should be rubbed with talc at regular intervals and stored away from light. Thanks to its compact size, the band is easy to transport and can be used anywhere.
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