Thera-Band CLX 2 M
Thera-Band CLX 2 M

Thera-Band CLX 2 m

The TheraBand CLX band helps you build strength for fitness and therapy as a resistance band. Thanks to the patented Easy Grip Loop system, the CLX is an exercise band, loop and tubing in one.

. Details:
  • 2 meter tape with 11 loops.
  • Easy Grip Loop System
  • No knots or wrapping of the tape needed
  • Latex free
  • Yellow - light 1.4 kg tensile strength
  • Red - medium 1.7 kg tensile strength
  • Green - strong 2.1 kg tensile strength
  • Blue - extra strong 2.6 kg tensile strength
  • Black - special strong 3.3 kg tensile strength
  • Silver - super strong 4.6 kg tensile strength
  • Gold - maximum strong 6.5 kg tensile strength
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The TheraBand CLX resistance band eliminates the need for tedious knots and hand wrapping. The 11 loops strung together make it easy to grab and hold the resistance band, so you are completely free to design your workout.

Yellow - light: seniors and children
. Red - medium: untrained women and teenagers
Green - strong: women, trained teenagers and untrained men
Blue - extra strong: well-trained women, men
Black - special strong: well trained men, very well trained women
Silver - super strong: very well trained men
Gold - maximum strong: competitive athletes, muscle building
Data sheet
0.06 kg
2 Meter
8.95 € per Meter
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